Tuesday 30th October – New Beds   1 comment

Just a short blog – but the children were so excited at nap time when they saw their new ‘ready beds’ – I just had to record it.

Up to now the children have been sleeping in lie back buggies and prams – apart from Chinzia who has been having her nap on the sofa.

I have been slowly collecting second hand ready beds over the last few months. All have been washed and couple needed new air mattresses.

I decided that today would be the day when I introduced the new beds and put away the buggies until the next intake of babies.

The children were curious when I started up the pump and the excited when they saw not one, not two, not three but four bed unfold and reveal themselves.

Much discussion about who was going to have which bed – Alex thought he should have the Bob the builder one , Shona could not make up her mind, Chinzia wanted the ‘princess one’ – and as a result Mia also wanted a princess one (just as well two of those ) – and so by default Shona has the Peppa Pig one.

Never have the children finished lunch, toileting or got into bed so quick! Within seconds they had all given Penny ‘orders’ for which Teddy they wanted for nap time – Iggle Piggle for Alex, Spotty dog for Shona, Hello Kitty for Mia and Upsy Daisy for Chinzia, they snuggled down, they said how comfy their new beds were. Penny put on the classical music and left the room.


………  just as Penny expected …….

They fidgeted, they chatted, they sat up, they got out of bed, back into bed and so on …….

But finally after 30 mins they were asleep or at least lying down quietly resting

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  1. I love the ready beds, a fabulous idea

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