Tuesday 30th October – The children go on a bear hunt – without Penny!   2 comments

As you may already know we are currently focussing on the book ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’.

Monday morning we walked to the local shops and brought some large teddy bears from the charity shop (plus we went to the post office)

On Monday afternoon the children and Penny added a Bear Cave to the environment – because of Alex’s concerns about ‘bears’ and ‘caves’ it was important the children were involved in making the cave – and besides that it was great fun to do it together.

We put up the Tweenies playhouse (mixture of pop up and poles) – No one really has an interest in the Tweenies and we only have this particular playhouse for three  reasons

1. It is large enough for all the children to play in it together

2. If folds into a small storage bag

3. It was very cheap (from a carboot sale a couple of years ago)

So on Monday we put up the playhouse and talked about it, then we draped a large piece of material over it – which funny enough Penny had spotted and put in the trolley of scrap last week when we visited WRE (Goodness looks like Penny did some pre planning!) We talked about the cave we had made and the fact that under the material it was still the Tweenies house. Then the children  added the new teddy bears – and the ones we had used when focussing on Goldilocks and the three bears. In went the children, out came children and bears – in, out  – in, out with much laughter and squealing – for about 45 mins.

Then because of an agreement with Mr. Penny’s Place (that the lounge is clear of childminding stuff when he returns from work – which is fair enough as I still have to kitchen, the play room and the conservatory to use until the children go home) the ‘cave’ had to go away.

So Tuesday morning first thing (6:30) – Chinzia helped me re assemble the cave and put the bears back in.

After breakfast all 4 children played together – going on a bear hunt. Penny was not required to support or join in – this was definitely a children only game. So Penny supervised from a distance – and listened in to the delightful conversation – and it has to be said imagination.

A few snippets

All -We are going on a bear hunt, we are going to catch a big one ,  We’re not scared’ (for some reason mine don’t use the phrase ‘What a beautiful day’ – don’t know why – but they don’t).OH NO mud – sticky mud – we have got to go through it (as you can see they adapt as they act out the story) Squelch, squelch. Oh no we are stuck!

Mia – Call Fireman Sam, quick call Fireman Sam

Shona – punching numbers into the toy phone Fireman Sam – quick, come quick we are stuck

Alex – Here he is – look blue lights it is a nee naw. Quick Fireman Sam

(not sure what Fireman Sam did because he is not heard of again and the story continues)

All – We are going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one. A forest OH NO we have got to go through it. Stumble trip, Stumble trip. At this point all four are tripping  on purpose and falling on the floor – much laughter  – picking them selves up – and doing it again.

All We’re going on a Bear Hunt – They all then push their way into the cave grab a bear and scream! IT IS A BEAR. Of course all run out of the ‘cave;. At this point Shona drops into a crawling position and roars (likes a lion if I am honest – but very effective) the others scream and run into the middle room throwing themselves onto story corner mat and lie down in a neat row.

We forgot to shut the door says Chinzia- and she gets up and shuts the door between the middle room and the lounge where the cave is.

The three of them lie giggling on the mat saying Shona Bear is coming – and indeed there she is still on all fours, still roaring bear / lion like – until she gets to the mat (and then just as in the story) she gets up and walks back to the ‘cave’.

They then take turns to be bears – no negotiation- no support from Penny  – just taking turns – as one goes back to the cave another drops into crawling position to be the bear.

This game lasts for well over an hour and a half – in fact until snack time.

I had to remind myself of the ages of these children – 3yrs 6m, 3yrs 2m, 2yrs 8m (x2) none of them have older siblings, none of them go to other groups with older children, none of them have engaged in this level of role play before – in my opinion – outstanding – and rather than a next step – it was more like a huge leap forward.

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2 responses to “Tuesday 30th October – The children go on a bear hunt – without Penny!

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  1. They surprise you sometimes don’t they… we’ve been re-enacting Bear Hunt too and I then asked the oldest, 3 1/2 yrs to think about the story from the bear’s point of view – I was expecting to need to prompt her but she was very insightful!

    • Yes they do Lucy.

      We have changed the end a bit – for the benefit of Alex mainly but the others have also been reassured.

      We now talk about the bear wanting to play with children – and being sad when the children shut the door and he can’t play with them.

      Today they were watching the DVD when Mia suddenly stood up – stretch her arms up high – and said ‘I saw the bear he is big – and stood on tip toes to be even taller. When asked if Penny was bigger or the bear – Mia knew the bear was bigger than Penny.

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