Great Excitement – A parcel arrives from Play to Z   Leave a comment

Why so much excitement?

First I have had these items from Play to Z on my wish list for well over a year – and was finding it hard to justify the cost when I had similar (well a bit similar) ‘made it myself’ items already.

Then when I went to the Early Years 2012 conference I was able not only to touch the items on display and ask questions – I was able to talk to Sue Gascoyne from Play to Z (and attend a workshop run by her)

So now that I have extra income from the extra minded children – I decided now was the time to order the items from my wish list. (And regular readers will know I have not limited my spending to things from Play to Z).

So at lunch time the parcel arrived – which is the second reason for excitement – the minded children were all asleep / having rest time in the lounge – and I had the parcel to myself in what I call the middle room.

So I eagerly opened the parcel and I was not disappointed – for their in bubble wrap was this lovely stacking hoops set. So many textures, weights, sizes and more.

But that was not all that was in the parcel!

There was also a set of sensory bags – beautiful to look at, to touch and to smell – but also covering a range of learning possibilities.

And then there is the Treasure Traveller set – a mini treasure basket set in its own travel bag that opens up to be a mat.

If you are tempted – be warned not cheap but very high quality – and endless possibilities – some of which are mentioned on the cards that come with each item.

Posted November 6, 2012 by psw260259 in Random Things!

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