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As I am writing this blog after the event – I can say the 7th November turned out to be most enjoyable and busy days for a long time –  none of it planned.

We started the day fairly ‘normally’, being a Wednesday it was a five mindee day, so a busy day even before the day unfolded.

Before breakfast Chinzia and Erin played with the heuristic items – Chinzia is developing an interest in circles  – circle shaped things and making circles. Discussion about her new bed cover at home has revealed that it has – yes – circles on it.

Today Chinzia lined up some small wooden circles as can be seen in the photo below

After breakfast all five decided to dress up and Penny was kept very busy putting outfits on (on the whole they can take off outfits). They wanted Penny to take pictures so of course Penny did – and although the effect is spoiled by not having the faces showing – and you can not see Chinzia’s fairy wings or the glasses that were Alex’s choice of dressing up items – I have included it anyway.

Then just before snack time, a big green lorry pulled onto Penny’s drive – and out got a lady – the children were very interested in both the lorry and the lady (we usually have male delivery drivers here). The lady had three large parcels for Penny – and although the lady carried them easily to the house Penny and the children discovered they were very heavy.

The children thought there would be toys in the parcel – a good guess considering the number of parcels that are delivered to Penny’s Place and that do contain toys.

However on this occasion the children were wrong – the parcels contained cupboards!!! Flat pack ones!!!

So Penny and children unpacked the first box and carefully carried the pieces into the lounge. The children spotted some ‘numbers’ on the pieces of wood – there were in fact letters – capital letters.We spotted that one of the letters was the same as Alex’s name (in that it was a capital ‘A’), so the children set about trying to find the other letters for their names – they found a ‘E’ for Erin, a ‘C’ for Chinzia – but despite a look of looking they could not find a ‘M’ for Mia or a ‘S’ Shona

We found the instruction – and fresh in the knowledge gained from the Sparkle Den construction we set about finding the pieces we needed and began to put the first cupboard together. The children were all very keen to help – and having had experience of building with the Big Builder set in the previous week – they knew all about nuts and bolts and screwdrivers. AS you can image with 5 pairs of ‘helpful’ hands and 5 vocal children telling Penny what to do – and telling each other to ‘Move, I can’t see / touch’ – progress was slow – and even more so because Penny’s hands are not very good at such things

But by nap time the first cupboard was put together – which was just as well as Penny had had an email from her friend Lynn – the aprons (that Lynn had measured the children for a few weeks ago) were finished and she was going to pop round in the afternoon to give them to the children. The children were all very excited and to Penny’s surprise not only were in bed earlier than usual but all went to sleep.

When they woke up the children were even more excited and wanted to know where Lynn was – so Penny needed to think quickly of something to distract them and keep them occupied until Lynn arrived. Luckily because Penny had been sorting out the old cupboards a few things that the children had not played with for a while were stacked on the kitchen table.Penny chose the coloured sorting dishes and the coloured plastic camels- without a word from Penny the children sorted the camels by colour into the matching dish – there was a little bit of counting as well  – and lots of discussion about when we went to the safari park and the ‘naughty camel’ had tried to eat Chinzia (actually all that had happened was the camel had put its head partly in through the  and Chinzia had not liked it) Luckily the children also remembered how Penny had ‘saved’ Chinzia.

The talk of camels led to talk about the other animals seen at the safari park – and wouldn’t you know it but Penny also had a set of elephants to hand  (those linking ones that are in 3 sizes and weights) – so some of the children played with the elephants and as not a very big set, others played with the multilink cubes. The cubes were chosen by Penny because also in lots of colours and can – if the children use in the way – support counting, colour sorting, sizes – if build towers.

If I say so myself the above is an excellent example how with knowledge of the children, their stage of development and interest – and available resources (which don’t have to be shop brought things). In my opinion pre planning is not necessary – on the spot thinking  and action can be far more effective’.

While the children were still engrossed in their play – Lynn arrived – carrying a large box. The children introduced themselves – and Penny was pleased to note that Alex was happy to tell Lynn his name (despite his reluctance to take part at all last time Lynn visited)

Lynn stepped into ‘teacher mode’ and soon had all the children gathered round her as she showed them the lovely aprons (and the children discovered the little packets of beautifully wrapped chocolate buttons – which were a present from Lynn – and which were put into each child’s bag to take home so mummy and daddy could decide if and when eaten). They talked about sizes and if they remembered what Lynn did last time she visited – yes they did – Lynn measured them. They also recalled the entire events from the day so far -including the recall earlier of the safari park visit. Lynn helped the children chose and put on the aprons – which all fitted perfectly.

(If you like the look of the aprons and want some for your own children or mindees – just let me know and Lynn will make you some – £6 each.)

By then it was time to take Erin and Chinzia home – so said Bye Bye to Lynn and strapped into the car.

On our return there was one more thing to fit in before home time – the children needed to make some birthday cards – Mia for her Great Grandma Betty, and Alex and Shona for their Mummy. This was sort of planned – but only sort of because Penny had ’tissue flowers  in her head – but due to Lynn’s visit time was short – and so sticking picture cards it was.

Penny folded the card in their chosen colours, gave them glue sticks and a selection of pre cut pictures – and left them to it – until time to do the writing inside the cards – of course the children did the ‘kisses’ themselves. Below is Alex’s card and the writing / kisses inside. Mia and Shona’s were just as good

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  1. As usual Penny a pleasure to read, its lovely having children roughly the same age isn’t it?, mine have all gone to school now, my current mindees are just one year old and one just two years old so not as able as the 3/4/5 year olds at doing things, but it is fun all the same watching them grow and develop.

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