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I realise that I had forgotten to write this blog – and although now a couple of weeks ago – I have decided to write it now because it documents some activities that although not unique, are new to the children currently in my care .

The first new ‘activity’ was provided because my daughter Michelle (also a registered childminder) returned my set of ‘Big Builder’ toys which she had had on long term loan – due to the fact that were not developmentally appropriate for the children in my care at that point in time.

However of course the children in my care are all now a bit older -and as Michelle had recently moved house, she was keen to return the rather large box  – the two things came together – and the Big Builder set was returned.

At first the children just got the pieces out of the box, put the small pieces into the ‘box like’ pieces and used the long pieces as sticks!

But then they noticed the screwdrivers and spanners – and they know what these things are called and are used for because they currently have the plastic pretend tools within the continuous provision. So they started to use the screwdriver and spanner – but were not actually joining the pieces together.

As regular readers will know, Penny does not often join in with play but instead supports with hands on help – IF ASKED, or with verbal suggestions, but in this case Penny decided that the children needed extra support and in fact some demonstrations.

So Penny joined in and showed the children the nuts and the bolts – named them and then joined two pieces together, and added a third. Shona identified what Penny had made straight away – ‘You made triangle’.  Of course the children all then wanted triangles but rather than make them one each, Penny supported them to make their own. Some of them did ‘produce’ triangle but some produced ‘scissors’ (two pieces joined together at top) some produced ‘ a long one’ .

Penny then stopped playing and the children continued to build things from their imagination until lunchtime.

After nap time play continued – but the children needed support again because Alex wanted to make a ‘nee naw’, Shona a ‘robot’ and Archie a ‘lorry’.

For Alex – Penny joined two cubes together – Alex then added lots of blue lights (the blue bolts) and that was his nee naw.

For Archie – Penny also joined two cubes together – Archie then loaded up the back cube and pushed it around – that was his lorry

For Shona – Penny got carried away!!!  Shona found the required pieces and Penny joined them together.

The other ‘new’ activity was a large scale group art activity. Sounds grand – but was in fact just a roll of old wallpaper that Penny rolled out on the kitchen floor, and a box of crayons. However what was interesting was that the children worked at the same time on the paper – each doing their own artwork – they found their own space – and just got on with it. They actually spent almost an hour engaged in this activity.

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