Tuesday 13th November – Chinzia and Circles – Supporting her play   2 comments

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that Chinzia has a growing interest in circle – in fact I am sure regular readers have also noticed this – because I have mentioned it a few times on my blog.

So this week I have added extra things to the storage units that house our heuristic type items – to see if Chinzia chooses to play with them – and if her interest in circles is continuing or not.

As an aside I have noted in a few recent inspection reports, that Ofsted are saying that next steps are not supported or documented, and furthermore that photographic evidence is not showing starting points or progress.

I find this interesting because I feel the inspectors are not valuing the evidence provided  – although of course the practitioners may not have explained why their system of photographs does show next steps planning and progress – or the photographs could just have been of happy smiling faces and therefore not really the evidence needed.

Time will tell if my photographic evidence is judged to be sufficient evidence of starting points and progress.

Back to Chinzia and her circles

The additional items added included – metal circle dishes in various sizes (all from Poundland) some baby links with circle and oval shapes (again from Poundand) and some metal spoons also oval and circle in shape.

There are already a lot of circle resources within the heuristic items  that Chinzia has selected to use again and again in recent weeks – so time to see wht she does today

I was not disappointed or surprised – circles continue to be an interest. I will let the photo’s speak for themselves.

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2 responses to “Tuesday 13th November – Chinzia and Circles – Supporting her play

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  1. It’s still November 🙂

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    Penny’s Place Childminding wrote:

    • Well spotted Lucy – and thank you – off to change now. Trouble with multi tasking was thinking Christmas activities to do with circles (snowmen maybe) and looks like my head got in a muddle – no surprise there as far too much in my head!

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