Monday 19th November – Introducing the Surprise Bag   4 comments

On Friday 16th another parcel had been delivered to Penny’s Place – but we were so busy we did not get to open it on Friday.

Penny opened it over the weekend – and was delighted – it was the ‘Surprise Bag’ she had ordered from Reflections on Learning

Mr. Penny’s Place said on seeing the contents ‘ Only you could pay good money for off cuts of wood’

Grandson Dominic aged 8 said ‘Have you been to your Junk Shop again’ (He means the Scrap Store)

Daughter Rosie (Early Years ‘person’) said ‘ That’s good – open ended play stuff’

Penny ‘got stuck in’ and played – even though it was a weekend.

So of course Penny was very keen to show the children the Surprise bag – but first to find ‘something’ to hold the items and allow access for play –  on the Reflections on learning website it shows the contents on a Builders Tray – but surprisingly Penny does not have one of those!

Not to be deterred Penny brought in the Sand Tray that she had got for £5 in the B&Q sale, put aside the mesh that keeps the sand in the tray – and with the use of some parcel tape – attached the waterproof cover and then turned the tray upside down – perfect.


So tray ready – as it would suggest in good planning documents – Penny invited the children into the lounge to explore the contents of the ‘Surprise Bag’

Hang on – pause – of course Penny did not ‘invite the children …’ they were already in the lounge – watching and asking questions!

‘What you doing Penny?’

‘Your scissors are sharp Penny – not for children?’

‘Can I get in?’

‘Is it a boat?’ ‘Is it a den?’  ‘Is it a box for toys?’

‘Can I help?’ ‘ No, me help’ x 4

And so tray ready – Penny tipped the Surprise Bag contents into the tray and watched (sorry observed and made notes in her head) and took photo’s – as can be seen below























Oh and as Penny can’t help playing – when the children moved on to other things – Penny made this model


And of course seeing Penny playing the children returned to look – Shona accidently knocked Penny’s model – ‘Sorry Penny ‘ she said and put the piece back on.

Erin then ‘accidently’ knock Penny’s model over and beyond repair – but that did not matter as we all made more models.

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4 responses to “Monday 19th November – Introducing the Surprise Bag

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  1. I bought this bag last year and have to say it was one of the best things I’ve ever purchased (along with the sensory blocks). The opportunities are endless and I also have fun ‘playing’.

    • Agree Rebecca – opportunities are endless – the children have played for hours at a time since Monday and keep returning to it – in fact one child sat in middle of tray bulding a model as I type. Well worth the money – in my opinion

  2. It looks wonderful and your way with words is so funny. I think my other half would have the same reaction as Mr Penny’s Place. I’m off to look now because it looks so much fun. I have a tray I bought from Lakeland years ago but they still sell them. It is sold for soaking your oven shelves in when you clean them and it is perfect for messy play etc. I also have a cat litter tray!!

    • Don’t have cat litter tray – but I do have lots of lovely blue trays for messy play (and other things) from Carol – originally from a hospital (used to hold clean surgical instruments)

      And thank you for comment about my use of words

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