Tuesday 20th November – What’s This Penny? – PLANNING!!   4 comments

This morning my good friend Carol text to ask if I wanted to go to soft play with her – and I replied No thanks – going to dance to Busy Feet, do sticking activity of Polar Bears and maybe make cakes.

As I pressed send on the phone I realised that I actually had some pre planning in my head – even though I had not activity thought about it – it just sort of  all came together as I wrote the text to Carol.

So why did it ‘all come together’ – well the Polar Ber activity was already prepared – as a result of interest shown in polar bears when we have visited garden centers last week – and of course links to our topic book ‘Going on a Bear hunt’  – Yes I know it is not a polar bear in the story – and neither is Pudsey Bear- but both are bears and both therefore part of our activities.

Dancing to Busy Feet? Well they love it – and Chinzia is really enjoying her ballet (and now tap as well) ‘classes – and gives ‘instructions’ to the other children – I have never met her dance teacher but think I might know her if I heard her speak – as Chinzia says (clapping her hands) ‘Come on children on tippy toes, be a horse, come on everybody – copy me’ Oh and Mia also loves be a ‘ballerina’.

The cakes? Well for me really – because having discovered Groupon – I have invested £8 in a cup cake course! So of course I wanted to try out some of the ideas. However the mindees love cooking – so would fit in with their interests as well as mine.

The biggest surprise is – we did do all those things – and before lunch!

A few photo’s from this  mornings cooking – the cakes with stars on the top are Penny’s effort – mini Christmas cakes complete with marzipan and incing

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4 responses to “Tuesday 20th November – What’s This Penny? – PLANNING!!

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  1. Penny – I have my first inspection next week and although I have a “planning folder” full of activities that link to the EYFS that we can potentially do anytime I don’t do any written planning – do you? I am worried that Ofsted are going to pull me up on it. I have 2 little ones, 22 months and 24 months. I tend to think at the beginning of the week what the children have liked to do previously and what they are interested in. Then have a look through my folder and think to myself “we will do this or that” at some point in the week but I don’t write it down as inevitably with children this age no day is ever as planned, things change all the time!

    • Hello Katrina

      No, I don’t do any written pre planning – apart from the word ‘Books’ – I do comment in the parents weekly newsletter about activities we have done and sometimes a general idea about what we MIGHT do the following week. But as you quite rightly say – hardly ever goes to plan!

      Do you record anywhere what you did do? And do you record the wow moments for the children – photo’s or written – maybe in a home / setting diary or a learning Journey? Or do you have any evidence of discussion with parents?

      I think the most important thing is that you have confidence in what you do – why you do it and the impact / outcomes for the children.

      It does not really matter what I do, or what you friends do – or even what you read in books or are told by advisers – you are the only person who can decide what is best for your setting and for the children in your care.

      However by your comments – It seems you do fully understand what works for your setting and these particular children – so my advice is to think about how you will explain to the inspector why you do it that way and how you will demonstrate the progress being made by the children.

      Good luck with your inspection.

  2. Thank you for your reply, it gave me the boost of confidence in myself that I needed. I have been given an overall good with some areas outstanding. The inspector was very happy with how I plan and said I obviously know what I am doing and what works for the setting (lovely inspector, hope I have her again)!

    • Well done on your grade Katrina.

      Glad to have been able to boost your confidence in yourself.

      Great to hear that the inspector acknowledged that your planning is good and works for you

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