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Many years ago I used to be involved in the then Pre School Playgroup Association and held positions on both local and county groups.

I also am indebted to PPA (as was) for my tutor training and so much more!

It was through PPA that I grew in confidence, that I found that I actually knew what I was on about and started on my journey of self discovery – a journey that I am still on!

It was through PPA that I attended my first national conference – and through my involvement that I was there in Scarborough was PPA transformed into PLA (Pre-School Learning Alliance).

The local group was  the Kidderminster and District group and  the county one the Worcestershire Branch.

The only reason that I stopped my involvement was because I secured a post with the LA – and it was seen as conflict of interest – and so reluctantly I resigned from my volunteer roles in 2003.

In the years that followed The Worcestershire Branch lost their funding and as a result were not able to continue to offer all the services and support that they had provided for many years – and eventually in 2007 (I think – maybe slightly out ) the Worcestershire Branch closed.

Fast forward to 2012

Efforts are being made to re launch the Worcestershire Branch, So far there has been;

A meeting in Drotwich hosted by the Alliance and attended by representatives of the LA, the Alliance and local providers – including me

A ‘local forum’ attending by the same representative bodies – but more people from each. We had a talk from the Alliance about the (then) new EYFS.  And some lovely refreshments curtsy of Alice  from Madresfield  Early Years Center who hosted the event.

A meeting last night (26th November) at my setting to discuss the way forward of the Worcestershire Branch. It was a very positive meeting with lots of ideas and information sharing. It is hoped that we will be able to link the official re launch of the Worcestershire Branch with the Alliance’s launch of the childminder specific membership package, and to hold an open meeting with guest speaker and of course information about the Alliance and the Worcestershire Branch.

Exciting times ahead – and for me – in a way – coming full circle.

More details will be provided as they become available.

Posted November 27, 2012 by psw260259 in Pre School Learning Alliance

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