Monday 26th November – Ponies and Bears!   Leave a comment

Yesterday my daughter Michelle returned some more things that she has had at her setting. In fact these are shared resources where we combined our collections to make bigger sets more suitable for several children to play together.

Sometimes it makes sense and saves having to store everything in one setting by sharing ownership of somethings and sharing other things owned by another person.

As well as sharing with Michelle, I also share with my friend Carol, in particular the light box that we jointly own, but also borrowing things to support interests or topics.

So on this occasion Michelle was returning the My Little Pony set and the Barbies. The Barbies were put away for another day (Erin and Mia are beginning to show an interest in these and sometimes bring from home)

But the ponies were left out ready for play on Monday. I had Erin in mind as when she returned from her holiday (visiting grandparents in Poland) she brought a Polish edition of a ‘My Little Pony’ magazine, which her Mummy has given to me to use in the setting to support Erin’s play and  use of Polish. I should mention that I do not speak or read Polish, however it is good for Erin to see her language in print in my setting and to know that we all value her language. The beauty of the comic is that the ponies in the story still have their names in English, so I can read those and due to age of Erin and her friends I can tell stories from the pictures – and I do tell the children that the writing is in Polish and I am not reading it. In my opinion is does not hurt to be truthful about things.

So as Erin arrives before the other children on Monday she had the ponies to herself and soon got ‘stuck in’ exploring the contents of the box and then choosing the ponies and accessories that she wanted to play with.


















Also before the other children arrived, Erin made her polar bear by sticking cotton wool on to a pre printed and cut out polar bear. (The other children had completed theirs last week. Erin remarked that the cotton wool was soft, and ‘like a jumper’ – she also observed how it stuck to her fingers.

Once the other children arrived there was lots of free play, particularly with the heuristic type play things as over the weekend Penny had changed some of the continuous provision and put out a few additional resources – as well as changing position of somethings and removing other things. We also danced to Busy Feet, had a story about polar bears – and of course had the usual snack time and lunch time.

Then after nap time all the children worked together to create a ;large polar bear display. Penny provided a large A1 piece of black card, the children stuck on their polar bears (using blu tac – so could take home own polar bear once display taken down).

Then the exciting bit – the children added snow! The snow craft material has been in the cupboard for well over a year unused as up to now the children had been too young. But today Penny decided that they could use it. So the children added glue to the black card and sprinkled the ‘snow’ all over the card – and then were delighted when Penny shock off the snow and they could see that the snow had stuck to the glue on the picture. Very effective. The big picture was then stuck on the patio door (only space bigger enough!)


















Oh and the post man delivered a roll of mirror roll – but we will discuss that in another blog.

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