Tuesday 27th November – Mirror Trays and Other Things   Leave a comment

Yesterday a roll of mirror roll was delivered – this was brought as the result of communication with colleagues through social media – in this case Facebook. Details of the product and price were provided as well as a link to Amazon where they sell mirror roll

So the children and Penny set about making some mirror trays – Penny had wanted the ones in TTS -the set of 3 different shaped ones – but thought they were a bit expensive.

Penny has some lovely blue trays – curtsy of Carol (from hospital – the used trays that hold the clean instruments for operations). Penny cut the mirror roll and the idea was that the children would help stick the mirror onto the tray – but it proved to be a bit tricky – so Penny did it while the children watched – and gave ‘helpful’ comment and advice!

We then found different things to put on the trays – very effective Penny thinks – and lots more mirror roll left
















Today the rain finally stopped -and although rather cold and windy we wrapped up and went outside to play. Penny did wedge the pop up play house between the bench and the side gate to stop it blowing away – the children used it a lot – maybe to get out of the wind.

As usual lots of chalking, and a continuing interest in circles for Chinzia. Other play included using the pine cones and the pebbles (mainly it has to be said to scatter all over the outside area!)


The parcel man made more deliveries today – namely 100 glue sticks (yes I know rather a lot but as worked out at 43p each for the TTS own brand  large ones – too good a bargain to ignore)and a sorting / game set of compare bears (or Three Bears as often called). Anyway the things in the box were not that important – but the box was! All four children played in the box for a long time.



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