Thursday 29th November – A day of drawing development   2 comments

Regular followers of my daily blog (which of course is not daily in terms of a blog each day) will know that my mindees currently all enjoy chalking outside on the patio.

Those with good memories will also know that Chinzia is currently exploring circles, and that all the mindees are making lines, circle (ish) marks and general squiggles.

This morning (29th Nov) the children were outside playing and as usual they had asked for the chalks – which were put out for them along with a few other resources.

At first the mark making was much as it has been for the last couple of weeks – then – without discussion, without prompts ……..

…….. Chinzia drewSAM_2465



A aeroplane – very realistic I think  – and links to Chinzia’s personal experience as her grandmother has just returned home to Romania – and Chinzia took her to the airport.

……….Shona drew



A square – ok she described it as a circle – but if you look you can see that she drew 2 sides of the square in one action – without drawing one line and then another.


………Erin drew


Well the other children thought it was a dolphin but Erin corrected them and said ‘No it is a rainbow’ – and then after the photo was taken drew a few more lines in different colours.

Development has been noted and discussed with parents.

Next steps plan ……. More opportunities to use chalk.

I could of course say that I would provide other mark making opportunities and at some point I will of course (in fact already do) BUT at this moment in time it is chalking on the patio that interests (and I would say motivates) the children into making marks of their own free choice.

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2 responses to “Thursday 29th November – A day of drawing development

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  1. Those marks are lovely. We spent the morning in the garden one day last week (well we do go out most days) it was chilly but lovely and sunny and my group of 2.5yr old 2yr old and 20mth old all love the chalks. They were all drawing straight lines in a row. I don’t think I have ever had a child who hasn’t enjoyed chalking.

    • Neither have I Brita, and the session I went on tonight about fine motor skills was saying how good chalking is for gross and fine motor skills. Chalk is cheap, easy to make marks with and washes off paths, walls and children very easily – it is one of my favourites for all ages

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