Friday 7th December – Simple but effective   2 comments

Like just about every early years setting,  the children at Penny’s Place are now ensuring that copious  amounts of glitter,  sequins and other ‘sparkly bits’ are everywhere.

And as every early years practitioner knows – it will be at least June, if not October next year before these small bits of sparkle, stop turning up on a regular basis.

Of course Penny does her best to minimise the amount of glitter things and this year introduced the idea that instead of ‘sprinkling glitter everywhere that the children applied the glue where they wanted it – and then turn their card or picture upside down and place on a tray of glitter – some ‘pat.pat’ actions then ensure glitter sticks to the glue on the card or picture. Works reasonably well and certainly does reduce the quantity of glitter on the floor, the children, Penny, toys – well everywhere.

But Penny does not always want a lot of clearing up on a Friday – and so often offers less messy activities on a Friday. (Shame on you Penny you might be thinking  – but you know what – using glitter is not compulsory – not part of EYFS – not even part of the non statutory Developments Matters – so  once in a while – especially on a Friday glitter will be limited)

However of course Penny does still want to offer activities for those children who want to do them – and this one proved to be simple, effective and the children enjoyed it – each of them doing two pictures. In fact they would have done more but we ran out of the pre cut shapes.

Take a look –
































Reflective card (bit like mirror card) cheap from car boot in 2011 – you could cover normal card / card from cereal boxes with cooking foil and get a pretty similar effect.

Pre cut shapes – no, not cut by Penny – imagine cutting out those snowflakes!

These shapes are actually gift tags – from Poundland . Not a 100% sure but 20 or 30 per pack for your £1

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2 responses to “Friday 7th December – Simple but effective

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  1. Great minds think alike… we made a number line with similar gift tags today

    • Another great idea Lucy. I have been thinking about what else I could do with these gift tags – going to try laminating then making snap cards and a lotto game. I find the children love games that they have helped make.

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