Supporting the ‘bags fillers’ – but what next?   Leave a comment

The children in my setting have had an interest in filling bags for some time now. Sometimes they select just one type of item, sometimes they fill bags with anything and everything.

Over the last couple of months I have been supporting this play by extending the number and types of bags available, for example

Real handbags

Cloth bags

Child size shopping bags

Plastic baskets (designed for pegs)

Little drawstring bags

Washing up bowl type things but with handles

We used  the bags inside and outside, and different children have role played different situations – of course shopping and going on holiday have been popular – as well as going to work (copying mummies with handbags) going to the arboretum – we always take ‘stuff’ with us and baskets to collect things. going on a picnic – and just last week a slightly different situation, as Alex has been role playing ‘making my deliveries’

But I admit I was beginning to struggle to think of ways to extend the children’s individual and group play.

And then this morning I saw this on Twitter

What a fantastic idea – Problem solved!

What I need now is a real suitcase on wheels – I know there is a couple in the loft – dare I use those or should I go and get some specifically for the children?

Posted December 10, 2012 by psw260259 in Daily blog from my childminding setting

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