Tuesday 11th December – No sooner said than done!   Leave a comment

Following on from my blog about using  gift tags for a sticking activity, Lucy posted a comment saying that she used the same sort of gift tags to make a number line.

This got me thinking – how many uses could I think of for the gift tags?

Straight away I thought of snap cards and lotto games

And although not finished yet – Chinzia and Penny made a start this morning making the snap cards (which will also be the cards for the lotto game in due course)

Chinzia was very keen to help and we had lots of discussion about the shapes, the colours, the process of making the cards – including the use of the laminator.


Once we had made a few Chinzia wanted to play with them – however as at that point in time she was the only child at Penny’s Place  she used her imagination and found a different way to use the cards.











So for about 40 mins in time and about £3 in cost (for both games once finished)  The children will have all helped to make the games (reason not yet completed is so the other children can help) we will have ‘ticked’ lots of  outcome boxes ( in my head of course and evidenced by photo’s) and have two games to use time and time again – and judging from Chinzia’s use of the cards the children wil also be developing their own games and uses of the cards.

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