Monday 17th December – A quiet day at Penny’s Place   2 comments

As readers of this blog know – most days there are four or five mindees at Penny’s Place – but today there are only TWO. The reason for this is because Alex and Shona are being treated to a day out by their Nanny to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Drayton Manor.

So just Erin and Archie today (as Chinzia’s mummy does not have an extra shift)

It is as well really as Penny is feeling a little fragile due to being so ill over the last week – in fact ill enough to close Penny’s Place on Thursday and Friday last week.

Anyway – making up for time lost while ill Penny and Erin went to do the Tesco shop first thing this morning – as Penny picks Erin up from home at 6:40am and Erin’s house is half way to Tesco’s it made sense. We were back at Penny’s Place just after 8am – and by the time Archie arrived at 8:35am most of the shopping was put away and we were all able to have breakfast together.

Erin discovered the large Christmas stocking and quickly removed the contents –SAM_2581

She then found the singing / dancing Father Christmas and Snowman – these were part of a ‘job lot’ of resources brought from a ex childminder who was getting rid of her last things – normally Penny would not buy such items but as it was a job lot couldn’t really not put them out. Erin and Archie love them – Penny’s opinion has not changed!

Next we did some painting – stockings and bells- of course Penny offered a choice  of Christmas colours – gold, red and green glitter paint, Both enjoyed this – but maybe Archie enjoyed it a little more – judging by his arms and hands



After cleaning up Archie as best we could, we did some dancing to some Christmas music using our new jingle bells

The children’s ones from Poundland


And Penny’s from Wilko reduced from £8 to £6


And to finish off before lunch Archie and Erin did some Christmas sticker pictures using the pre cut foam stickers that Penny brought from ……. yes Poundland!

Erin and Archie have now had lunch and are both fast asleep – and Penny is having a coffee while writing this blog

A lovely restful morning – makes a pleasant change from the usual rush, rush , rush of four or five mindees.

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2 responses to “Monday 17th December – A quiet day at Penny’s Place

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  1. Penny – I am jealous – I wanted that bell wreath – but Wilko’s near me had sold out!

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