Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th December – Re discovering the lightbox   Leave a comment

Catching up on some of the activities that happened last week but didn’t get round to writing the blog due to be ill for second half of week.

My friend Carol …

(sorry to keep mentioning Carol’s name but  we think alike on a lot things and live close enough together for it to be practical to share resources and do things together. I do have other good friends but unfortunately distance makes this kind of mutual support and sharing difficult – which is a shame)

…. share a lightbox which we brought at a bargain price from from Reflections on Learning.

Carol has been using it over the last month or so with her mindees, supporting their shapes topic.

However over the weekend it was returned to Penny’s Place – and as I had brought some new resources I was keen to re introduce the lightbox to the children.

They were duly impressed – and we had the lightbox out on Tuesday and on Wednesday to support their continued interest in exploring it over the two days.

I will let the photo’s speak for themselves – but just to mention the new resources are the blue (ish) stones brought from a garden center last year for £2.99 and the ‘gem’ type things which are actually Christmas tree baubles (just cut the strings off) brought from my favourite resource shop – yes Poundland – three packs of 6, so a total cost of £3.


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