Tuesday 18th December – Penny ‘lied’ to mindees parents!!   Leave a comment

After my illness from last week and knowing that will not be operating at full steam this week Penny included a bit in the weekly parents newsletter (emailed to parents every Sunday) as follows;

‘I shall be open next week, but I think it will be a ‘laid back’ week with less going on than usual’

Well – that was certainly true of Monday – but Tuesday?

Penny lied! It was not laid back, it was not less than usual – we fitted so much into the morning – that now even Penny can not quite believe that she and the children did  it all!

We started off with Free play (as we always do)

Chinzia is still exploring and discovering circles and spent over 30 mins setting up her ‘party’ which she said was for her friends (not arrived at that point). I noted the circle objects placed carefully within other circle objects – and the ark (part circle?) of the arrangement of dishes – and wonder if this was on purpose or ‘just happened’. My gut feeling is it was on purpose as it is too neat to have just happened – but of course I won’t know unless I observe similar in her play in the future.


Once all the children had arrived (4 today) and breakfast was finished, free play with the heuristic type items in the storage unit and the continuous provision in the conservatory

Shona fitted some plastic tubes onto her fingers


Chinzia made another party


Alex found some glasses to wear (sorry no photo as shows his face)

We did some handprints inside some cards that making – and followed this with some free painting.

Alex carefully applied one colour at at a time and then another colour – with very little mixing of the colours on the paper

Shina painted a lovely ‘pink’ picture – Penny noted that shona very carefully used her brush to paint the edges of the picture in straight lines and although a little did go over the edges most of the paint was on the picture


Chilnzia painted ‘a dinosaur’


Mia was not really that interested and after less than a minute had finished her picture


We then did some dancing to some loud Christmas music – although Mia did not want to dance – she wanted to ‘fly as was in the role of a ‘fairy’ at the time. Of course we also used our Christmas Jingle bells to add to overall sound effect (read headache making noise!)

Mia matched the Christmas lotto game cards to the base boards (on her own – not as a game with a friend)


The children then spotted the new T,shirts and hoodies that had arrived yesterday but only just been unpacked.

‘You got new jumpers Penny’ they said.

Penny held one up to her – ‘Penny too big’ said the four children

‘Who will they fit?’ asked Penny

‘Babies’ – ‘Baby Scarlett Rose and Baby Selena’ they said

We discussed for a while and finally they concluded that the babies were too small.

‘So who will the jumpers fit?’ asked Penny – holding up a pink hoodie

‘Children’ said the three girls

‘It won’t fit me said Alex, folding his arms across his chest in a protective way.

Penny held the pink hoodie up against Shona – ‘It fit me’ she said ‘And me’ said Chinzia ‘And me’ said Mia

‘It won’t fit me’ Stated Alex very firmly

So Penny held up a blue hoodie – the same size as the pink one

”That one will fit me’ said Alex unfolding his arms and smiling

Interestingly the T.shirts are ALL shy blue and both the girls and Alex said they would fit them.


By now the sun was out – and it was a lovely outside – so on with coats and wellies. While the children were independently doing this (only needing help to ‘start’ the zips) Penny got out a few resources for outdoor play – the two plastic rockers. the chalk, the basket of pine cones, the box of pebbles, two trays, the box of wooden circles and the saucepan musical instruments and basket of wooden spoons and bamboo cane ‘beaters’

Chalking is still very popular

Shona drew a ‘helicopter’


Mia drew a ‘radiator’


Alex drew a ‘picture’


Shona and Mia played the musical saucepans together


They played outside for about an hour – then after tidying up outside and inside, the children watched ‘Maisy Mouse’s Christmas DVD – while Penny got the party lunch ready (Mia’s last day before Christmas break)


And even after a leisurely party lunch – it was still only 12:40 – the children were ready for nap / rests. Penny wished she could have a nap – no such luck but an hours peace and quite did help with the headache.

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