There maybe trouble ahead! Naughty Penny!   4 comments

Penny has been very naughty!!


Mr. Penny’s Place is very tolerant of all the childminding stuff that is stored n HIS garage, in the kitchen, in the middle room, in the conservatory  in the loft, in the shed – and in two of the bedrooms

but even so Mr.Penny’s Place has decided that after the recent purchases by Penny – that really enough was enough!

Penny was told to consider carefully in future if she really needed to buy anything else

Penny promised that she would indeed consider each future purchase very carefully

Then …..

an email came from ELC ……

and Penny just had a quick look …….

then another look …….

and being Penny put in an order two days ago !

It has just arrived


Large dump trucks – three of them. Were £25 each  – paid £30 for the three (so £10 each



Explorer Kits (for when the arboretum re opens) – six of them were £15 each – paid £36 for the six (so £6 each)



Big city trucks – 2 of each sort  – so eight altogether – were £7 each – paid £22.40 for the eight (so £2.80 each)







And for good measure three CD’s  – were £5 each  – paid £2 each


Penny thinks a bargain – think Mr.Penny’s Place may think otherwise!



Posted December 20, 2012 by psw260259 in Random Things!

4 responses to “There maybe trouble ahead! Naughty Penny!

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  1. Mr Jenniflower would agree with Mr Penny’s Place! What amazing bargains!!!! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Just speech less!
    Think I need to start bringing Car parts home.

  3. Where are you moving to Penny? I’m sure there can’t be room at home anymore with all the things you have been buying!! What a bargin I love the explorer’s set.

    • LOL Brita – however once all the Christmas and wedding things have moved out of my room and the spare room – things will be fine and may be room for one or two other things!

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