Wednesday 19th December – Weaving – Lovely   2 comments

After our busy day yesterday – and the planned excitement for Thursday and Friday (cooked Christmas dinner on Thursday – not from scratch but still a Christmas dinner, and mini party two on Friday) plus the fact that the children.are now getting excited and a little bit hyper – we had a much quieter day today.

However this afternoon we did do an activity which worked out really well and so I thought I would do a quick blog to share with you.

I have to admit the idea was not mine – but one that I was told about at a ECHO session at Worcester Uni at the beginning of the month – I say I – but mean ‘we’ as of course I was not the only person there!

To start you need some open weave mats from Matalan – come in gold and silver – and were £2 each or 2 for £3. You also need some ribbon (and thanks to Carol for giving me some of her ribbon in Christmas colours of red and green)

The idea is the children just weaving the ribbon in and out of the holes – and it does not matter which holes or how many holes – will look good however they do it.

We did  have to tape the end of the ribbon together once they had gone ‘in and out’ of the first hole – otherwise they just pulled it right through which of course they found frustrating. Found it also helped to tape the other end of the ribbon once they had finished threading each piece of ribbon.

Also added a star tied on with ribbon with their name on it.

Take a look – what do you think? The parents loved them.




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2 responses to “Wednesday 19th December – Weaving – Lovely

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  1. fabulous. I will have to look out for these in Matalan as I have been looking for something affordable that we can use for weaving

    • There were with all the Christmas things Sharon – I shall be going back for more because having given them to parents – I would now like to have some as part of the continuous provision.

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