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This morning I was checking my site sats – and I noticed a couple of viewers had come via a link from ‘rrf’. As I had no idea who this was – I visited the site.

‘rrf’ stands for Reading Reform Foundation Discussion Forum.

On there a thread has been started about phonics – titled ‘I am not against phonics , but…..’

Reading Reform site (not sure if link will work as need to register to read – but hope it does)

Basically they have created a list of quotes from other peoples websites and blogs about phonics and my blog is the first to be mentioned – this is great as it directs people to my site and in particular to my blog about some phonic books that I ordered.

However what I object to is the statement about why they are doing their blog because it ends with the words – ‘ usually daft excuses’ and quote just a short sentence from my blog – which is out of context.

To be fair they have included a link to my blog – so people can read the whole blog if they want to, but by using the word ‘daft’ they are suggesting that the authors of the sites they have quoted from (and I am not the only one), do not have a valid viewpoint, – when in fact all viewpoints are valid, and everyone can disagree with views expressed – there is no obligation to agree with everyone!

I am not against debate or against difference of opinion – but I consider ‘daft’ to be an inappropriate way of describing other people’s views. I put in in the same bracket as ‘stupid’ and as such find it offensive.

As a site that talks about reading and therefore the written word – I would have thought they could have expressed their opinion without using the word ‘daft’

Some examples

‘Some views of those who are against teaching of phonics’

‘ Views of people who disagree with teaching phonic’s to under fives’

‘Views of those who have a different opinion to us about phonics’

or even

‘We disagree with these views’

And I would think a hundred different ways to say what they wanted to say.

I have noticed that others whose sites have been quoted replied that their comments have been taken out of context, and have posted to object to this out of context use.

In my opinion if you want to express your personal opinion about something – you should express your view and within that view say what it is you disagree with – and why.

I feel it is not appropriate or professional to write a blog that starts with calling other people’s views ‘daft’ and that then lists quotes out of context.

To end – I must make it clear that I am not against rrf expressing an opinion, and disagreeing with my views – I am just against the way in which this has been done.

I have registered with the site and if I get ‘approved’ I will comment directly on their site.


The person who started the thread has now removed the word daft, and posted on rrf to apologise for using it in the first place

Posted December 31, 2012 by psw260259 in My thoughts on current childcare issues

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  1. I feel the same re phonics… and re how silly this site is calling other professionals ‘daft’ purely for having an opinion (that just might be different to their own!).

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