Child Development with Observation, Assessment and Planning   4 comments

Just wanted to flag up this course – not sure if I can go yet as it is in London (so need to sort out transport and maybe overnight stay).

Professor Nutbrown has highlighted in her review that practitioners need to have an in depth understanding of child development in order to inform assessment and therefore planning. This course brings all those elements together.

It is on Saturday 2nd March – and I believe the cost to be around £100 (but do check this for yourselves). It includes a hot lunch, refreshment through the day and a pack of handouts.

Link to Laura Henry’s site

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4 responses to “Child Development with Observation, Assessment and Planning

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  1. Thanks, for writing and sharing Penny!

    Here is a comment from a past delegate.

    “Hello Laura,

    I am so impressed with your very speedy response regarding the promised documents – thank you so much for sending all this information.

    I have to say that this was one of the best training sessions I have been to for a long time – I really like the way you reference all your points to other publications and you leave it up to us to decide the best way forward – armed with a very comprehensive array of information. Your delivery was sustained shared thinking at its best and I would like to thank you for getting my thinking cogs going with regard to this change of practice!

    Rest assured, my team and I will be sourcing future training from you and I will recommend you to colleagues within Sutton.

    I’m all for pointing out excellence when I see it!

    Many thanks once again.

    Kind regards,
    Fiona Downing
    Head of Centre
    Spencer Nursery School & Children’s Centre – Sutton”

  2. I think professional development is vital to improve however I do feel that any course that costs £100 is quite prohibitive to most childminders. This training can be provided by the local Early years service or though NCMA if you contact your local officers…

    • Correct, CPD is very important. Interesting, my Saturday training has a high number of CMs attending. As we know there are numerous CD and OAP training courses out there and individuals make an informed choice, based on many factors, the trainer, content, venue, handouts and additional on-going support.

    • Thank you for your comment, and for pointing out that there are other options.

      Yes, £100 is a lot for childminders to find, but some do like to access training from different areas and by different trainers.

      Unfortunately some area do not even have an early years team, in other areas training is not provided or is also expensive.

      Although NCMA training is usually less per delegate, NCMA are not in all areas.

      The trouble is that availability of training and the cost of the training varies across the country. Therefore some childminders may be interested in this course.

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