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Mr. Penny’s Place has very kindly moved my childminding certificates today, because the children no longer enter via the front door (in fact they haven’t for a few months) but they enter via the side gate and the kitchen back door.

It was just one of those jobs that I (or rather he) did not get round to.

Why you might be asking has Mr. Penny’s Place got round to it today?

Well it could be something to do with my new Ofsted certificate which arrive just before the Christmas holidays – and was filed in one of my famous ‘piles’.

Anyway on Wednesday (being very aware of the rules re certificates) I ‘displayed’ my new certificate on the kitchen table and pointed it out to the parents, and even explained the differences between the old certificate and the new one.

So I am guessing that having a certificate on the kitchen table did prompt Mr. Penny’s Place into putting them on the wall in the kitchen.

Anyway – I expect by now you are asking what has my ramblings here got to do with overnight care?

Simply really – just before Christmas I had a call from social services re a ‘baby sitting’ job – and at the time they were not sure if it would be at Penny’s Place, at the parents house or if would involve an overnight stay.

So hedging my bets I phoned Ofsted to get overnight care added (had been o my ‘to do list’ since EYFS 12 came into force).

The nice man on the phone said – yes he would action that – but could not complete the action until I had my new certificate – and he noted that I had not had my letter of ‘intention to remove conditions’ – therefore he had to ask me if I was ok with my existing conditions being removed. I was.

So that was that – I was reminded that I needed to do a risk assessment, asked if he could help with anything else (not today thank you). And job done!

Three  days later my new certificate arrive – along with the letter detailing the conditions removed, which means I can now offer overnight care.

Oh and the social services babysitting job? It was at the parents house and although to 1:30 am, it did not involved overnight care.

Posted January 6, 2013 by psw260259 in Random Things!

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