Disappointment at lack of Information in governments mid term review   3 comments

I listened to Cameron and Clegg on the TV and because I was childminding at the time and so could not listen to every word (well to be honest a missed quite a lot of it) I later read the word for word reporting on the internet.

I found this one useful

Guardian report on Mid Term Review

Please note it has been updated to give an account of the all news relating to the coverage of the event

I then downloaded the report via The Guardian  and read that as well

Governments Mid Term Report


So what did Cameron and Clegg have to say? What was in their written report?

Well despite a lot of media suggestion that childcare costs would be included and hope from the Early Years sector that we would get some mention of the governments response to the Nutbrown Review and the Childcare Commission (both of which are over due) and maybe even some reference to the direction the government plan to take re ratio’s in childcare settings ……….


…………………………….. There was NOTHING that we did not already know!


I have now highlighted in my copy of the written report  all mentions – however vague – to childcare

And in the hope of saving others having to bother printing or even reading the report – I have recorded these points below.

In the Forward

‘We will support working families with their childcare costs’

On page 8

‘The Government believes that the private sector, and SME’s in particular, is the crucial driver of jobs and growth for our county’

I put that bit in because after all most childcare businesses are in this category

On page 12

‘completing the work of  The Red Tape Challenge to remove or improve 3,000 regulations over the lifetime of this Parliament 

This of course will include the red tape around childcare regulation which was part of the Childcare Commission remit.

On page 14

‘We will continue to increase the personal income tax allowance towards £10,000, making real terms steps each year towards meeting this policy objective’

I put this in because many of those who work in childcare are on low incomes – so this will help with personal finances. It will also help those parents on low incomes.

On page 31 (The bulk of the relevant information)

‘We have been working to make society more family friendly and to give children the best possible start in life. We understand that the state cannot, and should not, seek to take the place of parents, which is why, which is why, for the vast majority of families, we have sought simply to make the difficult of parenting that little bit easier by providing practical support, for example with childcare’

Another mention of help with childcare costs – but not even a hint of how.

‘We have set up a £2 million fund to provide grants to assist those wishing to set childcare businesses – to create up to 6,000 new childminders and nurseries in the UK’

I have already commented on my blog on this as it is not new information.

‘We will for the first time ensure that all 2 year olds from low income households can access 15 hours per week of early education – starting with the poorest 20 per cent in 2013 before extending it to 40 per cent in 2014’

Good news BUT what are the government going to do in those areas where childminders are unable to provide these places due to Local Authority restrictions.

‘We will issue revised statutory guidance on child protection to free up professionals, slash bureaucracy and refocus the attention of children’s services on the needs of children, in line with the recommendations of the Munro Report’

Of course all in the Early Years sector will welcome this, especially those who have had first hand experience of the current system.


And that is it !!!


Media reports says that more information and details will be ‘drip fed’ over the next week or two – but I for one are very, very disappointed that the government did not the opportunity to include more details about childcare costs, ratio’s in childcare settings,  the Nutbrown Review or the Childcare Commission in their Mid Term Review.


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3 responses to “Disappointment at lack of Information in governments mid term review

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  1. I have been listening a lot over the past two days (but like you don’t seem to hear a full report). I keep hearing references to them stopping childcare vouchers. The thing is that the people who are discussing these issues don’t have the vaguest ideas about what is what and get vouchers / tax credits / etc mixed up with each other. Do you know ifthe talk of stopping childcare vouchers is correct as this will affect two of my parents

    • My understanding Kate (and I am not an expert) is that if the childcare vouchers are stopped parents will get a tax allowance instead so would pay less tax.

      Word on the street is that this could be for about £2000 worth of tax savings

      So hopefully IF the vouchers are scrapped parents who currently use them will still get some help just in a different way.

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