Monday 7th January – Introducing ‘Owl Babies’ (again)   Leave a comment

Over the weekend Penny has been busy preparing for the new topic book at Penny’s Place – which is Owl Babies.

This is not the first time that we have had Owl Babies as our topic book – and guess it won’t be the last time either.

The children are of course all older now and so will enjoy different aspects of the story and will develop their own learning journey in different ways.

Penny has good reason for revisiting ‘Owl Babies’ – but before making the decision checked with parents via the weekly newsletter that there was not another book that they thought would support the children’s interests.

So the reasons for focusing on ‘Owl Babies’

1. Since his holiday in the summer Archie has been mentioning the owl he heard at night in ‘Mummy  Daddy’s tent’

2. Erin’s mummy told Penny that Erin insisted on having an owl on her Christmas Tree

3. Alex and Shona have been exploring the concept of  ‘brothers and sisters’ (Alex and Shona are twins)

4. All the children are interested in biggest and smallest – in relation to size of themselves

So all in all some pretty good reasons to choose ‘Owl Babies’

Erin was first to arrive this morning and spotted the small owl by Penny’s laptop – ‘what’s that?’ she asked – and before Penny could answer -‘ it is a owl’. Penny let Erin look at the owl but explained it was not for playing with.

When Alex and Shona arrived a bit later – Erin and Shona noticed the Owl nest complete with puppet – Erin thought that Shona should not play with with the owl babies, and was challenged on this. Both took out twigs from the nest.

Alex noticed the photo’s of owls on the wall – ‘They have ‘googly eyes’ says Erin, ‘They have orange eyes’ says Alex. Good observations by both children.

Later on we had a ‘proper’ look at the nest that Penny had made, and felt the twigs, the children struggled for words to described the twigs but settled on ‘prickly’ ‘scratchy’ and  ‘hard’ . We looked at the Owl puppets -Penny did not tell the children that they were puppets – and they did not remember – but soon discovered the holes to put their hands / fingers in. Shona noticed Mummy Owl’s beak, Alex said ‘the owls can fly’.




None of the children commented on the fact  it  that Penny had made a next – perfectly normal thing for Penny to do!

Following on from this the children coloured in some twiggs – we re looked at the twigs and discussed the colours – we found some brown and black crayons in the crayon box …….. then the children started colouring …… well …. all sorts of colours! And they look lovely.


















Later on Penny cut out the twigs and cut out a random shape of brownish paper , and suggested to children that they could stick on their twigs to make a nest.

The children thought this was a good idea and worked independently to produce this


So Penny was very pleased with the introduction to ‘Owl Babies’

HOWEVER – the children did not just do Owl Babies activities….

…… they played with the duplo train, the played for long periods of times with the heuristic resources …. and they played outside (although Alex spent less time outside as he wanted to play with the trains for a bit longer)

Usual chalking and playing with the wooden circles – but this time the arranged the circles into a pile (or mountain depending on your viewpoint) and climbed on it and sat on it. It was not very high but it was quite unstable!


And they arranged the pine cones (and later after the photo was taken the pebbles as well) in an old seed tray.


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