Naughty Carol – leading Penny astray!   11 comments

Carol came round this morning for a play date with her mindees


And could not help herself – and HAD to tell Penny about the wooden blocks she had brought for her setting.

Penny has had large blocks on her wish list for a very long – and so of course she pleaded for the details.

Penny’s computer was on a go slow, then she could not find the right item – but that did not deter her or Carol


Carol logged into her account, found the item – so Penny copied and pasted the web address into her account (nothing like a desperate woman – or two)

And success!!!!

Penny brought a set


And just in case you want some here is the link


Wooden Blocks on ebay

Posted January 8, 2013 by psw260259 in Random Things!

11 responses to “Naughty Carol – leading Penny astray!

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  1. oh wow!! bargain price

  2. £131!!!!! Penny, whatever will mr penny’s place say?

    • Mr. Penny’s Place will as usual despair!!

      Luckily for Mr. Penny’s Place – Penny has her own bank account and this morning the LA paid the free entitlement payment into Penny’s account.

      Mr. Penny’s Place will be much more concerned about where Penny will store it!

  3. I think I need to borrow Mr Building Blocks credit card as I have just emptied my account on resources from Reflections on learning – are these the ones that would normally cost far more pennies than this

    • Just don’t let Mr. Building blocks know that I was to blame for his credit card being used

      I trusted Carol – who had checked prices elsewhere – and said normlly twice the price

  4. Mr Penny’s Place Thinks Wow!…….Just what we always needed.

    Mr Penny's Place
  5. I have these ones – not as lovely as yours admitedly – but a 1/3 of the price! .. the photo doesn’t do them justice as they are larger than the normal size bricks

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