Tuesday 15th Jan (PM) – More learning opportunities from the blocks   2 comments

If you have read the blog post about this morning you will have seen the photo’s of the children’s play with the blocks as evidence of the learning opportunities experienced.

However just before lunch we had to tidy away the blocks (hate doing this – but restriction of space being a home setting means that lounge floor needs to be cleared to make space for the ready beds for nap / rest time. We do have space in ‘middle room’ and conservatory that does not need to be tidied but the biggest space is the lounge which is why the blocks were in the lounge).

So Penny supported the children to put the blocks back into the trays – quiet a challenge – NINE trays all with different layouts!



As you can see each tray has markings on the base to show which block goes where – just think about the learning opportunities this presents!

Working together

Working independently

Taking turns (only one person can put a block in a particular tray at one time)

Mathematical language – shapes, sizes, positions (to name a few)

Listening to each other and to Penny

Following instructions / suggestions

Fine and gross motor skills (more gross than fine but some blocks small and need careful positioning to ensure all fit in tray)

Coping with frustration  and failure ! (OK more on Penny’s part than the children’s – as some of the markings can – so Penny discovered actually match several shapes but then if not got ‘right’ due to very tight fitting in some trays and not so tight in other trays- you end up with a spare block or two at the end)

Observations of similarities and differences (which in my opinion are the basis of understanding equality)

Sense of achievement

Thanks goodness Penny does not pre plan (no idea trays would be marked) and thank goodness Penny does not try to predict learning outcomes .

However Penny has ‘in her head’ observations and assessment of the children’s participation in the different aspects – and has noted their progress , which (because yesterday) has now been recorded in the children’s evidence diaries and discussed with parents.

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2 responses to “Tuesday 15th Jan (PM) – More learning opportunities from the blocks

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  1. as someone who can’t do inset puzzles – a nightmare I would be getting someone to make me a box to put them all in I want some of these but I am not allowed an Ebay account as they not only sell resources like this, but little tikes toys and craft items

    • I was speaking to a friend on the phone today – who had succumbed and brought a set of blocks. She also considers putting them away a nightmare as well she is considering colour coding blocks and trays.

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