Wednesday 16th January – Blocks, painting, surprise and feathers   1 comment

It won’t be a surprise to regular readers of this blog that this morning Penny put out the lovely blocks again as part of the environment provided for the 5 children attending.

As expected the blocks were popular – but so were the individual chalk boards (new at weekend)































Not expected or planned was the children’s extension of their play with first the  blocks and then the doors of the house!




















As part of the heuristic resources we have a collection of brushes – all sorts, paint brushes, washing up brushes, pastry brushes, shaving brushes and so on. The children often use the brushes in their play – in many different ways. It started with painting the blocks. Alex in particular was very precise in his painting following the shapes of the block carefully

However the painting of blocks did not last very long and the children revisited an idea from several months ago – painting Penny’s Place


The door in the lounge clearly needed a lot of painting as can be seen!

While they were painting Penny suggested that the top and the bottom of door needed painting as well as the middle (which of course is where their height naturally leads them to paint). There was then a bit of a competition to reach the highest. Mia who is the shortest of the group actually was claimed the winner by her friends – because she reached the highest – by jumping!

So that is the blocks, the painting – what else was there? Oh the surprise ! Cheating a bit because this is the surprise bag full of bits of wood off cuts and misshapes that have mentioned before, however each time we explore the contents the children discover something new and construct different models.


















Finally there are the ‘feathers’ – these were the feathers for our ‘Mummy Owl’ pictures – oh yes Penny has not forgot the topic book – it is just that we have been doing far more interesting things – and our topic is always very low key to be picked up as and when rather than dominating everything we do.

So we read the story – which the children are now familiar with and had further discussion about where Mummy’s went – to work, to Zumba, shopping to get food – which of course linked back nicely to the story and the Owl Babies guessing where their mummy had gone (to get mice and things that are nice)

Oh and part of the aim of this particular activity was to assess the children’s cutting skills – planned? Sort of – thought about it after lunch while thinking what could use to create the feathers.(which were created by ‘snipping some foam pieces).


















A day full of learning and fun

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