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My attention was drawn to a letter in the Guardian

link to letter in Guardian

I am delighted that someone with as much respect in the early years sector as Penelope Leach and the other signatories to the letter, have spoken out about the proposed increases in ratios for childminders.

In fact I heard Penelope speak at the Early Childhood Action conference on this very matter – and she spoke with passion and knowledge.

However – I do have to question the example given in the letter – and in doing so recognise that editors sometimes change wording or edit out other parts so out of context  – and therefore have no way of knowing if the letter is printed in full as intended or has been changed in some way.

The example in question is this one;

‘……as most childminders work alone with nobody available to help if an ill baby needs carrying and three toddlers all have diarrhoea when it’s tea time for two six-year-olds’.

my objection is that this example gives the impression that childminders regularly care for sick or ill children. In fact childminders are bound by the same guidelines as all early years settings regarding infectious conditions .

To be clear childminders do not care for sick or ill children – if they did they would be breaking the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage .

Of course I understand the message that is behind the example – a childminder only has one pair of hands!

It would have been much more factually correct and positive if the example had said;

‘ if a teething baby needed carrying and three toddlers were toilet training when it was tea time for two six year olds’

So as I say I am delighted for the support but just disappointed that (possibly unintentionally) the wrong image has been given about registered childminders.

Posted January 19, 2013 by psw260259 in My thoughts on current childcare issues

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