Saturday 19th January – Penny went into town …….   Leave a comment

…….. to do the weekly shopping ……

BUT as is Penny’s way, she came back with a things not on the shopping list ……

….. and were not for Penny or Mr. Penny’s Place …..

…… they were of course for the minded children.


First she brought










Not the basket – just the pebbles. Will be adding to the collection already have – a bargain at £1.50

And then












Ever since adding a conference where she heard about the benefits of using an abacus for hands on exploring of numbers leading to good mental maths skills, Penny has been on the look out for one. This one was in the sale for £4.99

And then this










This game was £1.50 in the charity shop (price on box when new £8) Idea of the game is you spin the spinner to see how many balls you pick up, and then use the tweezers to pick up the balls and place in your picture board. Great for fine motor skills, colours, counting and turn taking

And then this










79p in the charity shop – it is of course a magnetic fishing game – and will be added to one Penny already has

Then this golden oldie












Penny’s daughters used to have one of these  – so just had to buy it – and only 99p

And then










Not the best photo but is a real baking tray and real knives, forks and spoons for the home area. All from Poundland – total cost £6

And then a bag of mixed things for £2.99 from a different charity shop

And when back home Penny did a bit of  sorting and ended up with this set which is good for colour sorting, counting and simple tower building










and after a bit of adapting , Penny made these for counting, shaking and measuring










All in all Penny spent less than £19 and is very pleased with her new resources



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