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Before I start writing about the day the ‘radio man’ visited, Just a small apology for lack of daily blogs. This is of course due to the petition which is a huge time commitment and of course ‘something’ had to be temporarily dropped – and as the care of the children is paramount and not to be compromised – I decided to reduce the amount of blogs that I write.


I am sure you all understand my reasons – care of children first, petition second, blogging last.


So – back to yesterday when the radio man visited,. As with all good stories I will start at the beginning;

I woke up as usual at silly o’clock and switched on the laptop – and saw some messages to look at the Nursery World tweets from the early hours of the morning – which of course I did. First mistake – I should have had my first coffee of the day before clicking on the links!

As most people now know the information from Nursery World was about the announcement that we have all been waiting for about changes to regulations of early years settings.

To be honest I was rather depressed – and on went the kettle – just as first mindee of the day arrived.

To say that I was my usual self at that point would be a lie – conflict of interest rearing its head – I really wanted to sit down with my coffee and read all the information, I wanted to post the information on facebook to share with colleagues – but of course Chinzia wanted my attention and so being the professional childminder that I am – I had to wait! Once Chinzia was settled and playing with the large cardboard tubes (linking to her interest in circles of course) and also also ‘painting my house’  with a real paintbrush and lots of imagination – I started to read.

By the time the next children arrived – 2 dads arriving about the same time with Mia, Alex and Shona – it is fair to say I was more than a bit angry at what I had been reading.


The two dads were very supportive and agreed with my reasons (they do know my views very well) but of course had to get on with their day, leaving me to get on with my day with the children – and all the information in my head that – needed dealing with!

I have to admit the I was very grateful for my ethos yesterday – that of learning through play and adult support  rather than adult led / directed play – because once the children had had breakfast and were engaged in their play – centered round the Triangle mirror house, bag filling – and for a change bowl filling and mixing) linked to travelling role play (in a train, car, plane, taxi with much shuffling on bottoms) –  I was able to multi task – supervising, answering questions from children, answering emails , checking the rapidly increasing total of signatures on the petition – and taking phone calls!

And it was the phone calls that caused a change in my emotions – from frustration and anger – to one of panic!

Reason being that several of the calls were from Radio 4 – doing some research on petition and my thoughts, asking if I would do an interview for the PM show that day, and arranging for a radio car to be set from Bristol to my house.

Lunch had to be prepared, tidying up done, nap time beds set up – and some thought given to what I could possibly say.

Time rushed by – lunch, naps, outside play, snack time and then the radio car appeared on the drive.

Luckily the children were very interested in the van with the white thing and two sticky up things on the roof  – and the man who was not knocking on the door but doing things in his van.

Lots of discussion with the children who put their previous knowledge of ‘radio’ together with the man and his van – and decided that the man had come to Penny’s Place to put the music on.

The man did of course eventually knock the door and come in. He was excellent and put Penny and the children at ease, and not at all put off my four small children asking questions and telling him things.


The children were very interested in the headphones and the microphone and the special box of buttons – Penny was just as interested but from a rather different point of view – that of fear!

Sound test was done – Penny a little less stressed, Chinzia recalling using a microphone for singing and dancing – children finding wooden ‘pull handles’ fro the heuristic play collections and pretending to sing and talk into their pretend microphone.

Call made to London where the programme interviewer was – exchange of greetings – and suddenly manwas back in his van doing all the technical sound things, Penny was sat on her sofa in Kidderminster talking to man in London!

And the children?

The children just seemed to know – that Penny was a bit busy – they built with blocks, they coloured pictures – and yes they did shove loads of pictures at Penny – but did not make a fuss that Penny was just smiling and nodding and not (as she usually does) – giving praise, writing names on pictures.

In a flash it was over – the man came back into the lounge and had a lovely chat about the government ideas and child development – the man was very informed about current issues – and about child development (In Penny’s view demonstrating that members of the public have a greater understanding than the government)

Penny thought of loads she could have said or could have put across better  – but it was as the saying goes ‘in the bag’

The man left – Penny praised the children for being so good and we discussed the afternoons events.


Then we decided we had all been so good that a treat was in order – and agreed that some of those left over chocolate tree decorations would be just the right treat. One square one each (actually don’t tell the children but Penny had two – and some chocolate buttons!)

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and before long it was time to gather in the lounge to listen for Penny. Just as it started two parents arrived and joined us in the lounge to listen together. Mr. Penny’s Place arrived home from work but as could not park on his own drive – had to listen in the car!

On the whole Penny was very pleased with the slightly edited interview and patted herself on the back.

However one young man in Chester listening with mummy – grandson Ben (3) was less than impressed – wanted t to know when granddad would have a turn!





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