More Great Childcare – My personal thoughts – Part Two   1 comment

Continuing with my personal unpicking of the governments report ‘More Great Childcare’

By the way the title of this report – makes me see red every time I see it. If the government want more great childcare – they should stop telling settings – particularly childminders that they are not good enough ( so in others are not providing great childcare) and stop pulling apart that which actually is great – just the way it is – yes of course room for improvement but no need to undo all that has been achieved in recent years.

Anyway I need to get back on task!

Looking now at the ‘Executive Summary’ that is on pages 6 – 12

‘If we want our children to succeed at school, go to university or into an apprenticeship and thrive in later life, we must get it right in the early years’

Well of course I agree with the last bit of this sentence – we must get it right in the early years’

YES WE MUST – we must provide our children with everything they need to develop to their own full potential, we must ensure that childhood is respected as the here and now of children’s lives, we must ensure that they are able to be children, to play, to be loved and cared for by the adults in their lives, we must protect them and we must go to unreasonable lengths to ensure that the children of this country  are not let down, not failed by those making decisions about children – WE MUST GET IT RIGHT IN THE EARLY YEARS.

I do have an issue about the first part of the sentence – surely there is more to life than succeeding in school, going to university or into an apprenticeship?

What about being happy? What about having high self esteem? what about being able to form relationships? what about  excelling in things that are not academic? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THOSE STATEMENTS FROM EYFS – you know the ones;

‘Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured’

It appears that in the future what children will need to be is – little robots, all the same, all doing as the government says is best for them,  all getting their uniqueness removed from them  as soon as possible so that they conform, they sit still, they parrot back the ‘right responses

children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships

All I can say is I hope Teddy, Spotty Dog, dummy and blankie – and all the other comfort objects are up to the job because in the future I have a feeling that the children will be needing these things a lot more, to provide reassurance and comfort.

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and / or carers

Going to be difficult I think to provide a enabling environment when space requirements are not insisted on, when due to the number of children per adult more time is spent on ‘the carpet, or doing group activities, where resources provide have to meet the needs of many so generic not specific. When parents wishes have to be compromised in order to fit in the routines of the day, and time to talk to parents will be a generic newsletter or activities written on a board

children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates

Seems that in the future this is not going to be valued – ever child will need to progress at the same rate in the same way to fit the new structured curriculum.

Further more what is wrong with being a caring person, a hands on creative person, a person who learns the skills of the family trade from the family.

What about those with additional needs, those who are delayed in development due to some trauma or life changing event, what about those who have to spend a lot of time in hospital for medical reasons.

Are these children going to ‘fail’?  to be judged as not successful? because they may not do as well at school, may not go to university – and frankly may not become taxpayers of the future.

And cynical though that last statement maybe – it is in fact supported by this

…..and readying children for school and, eventually, employment.

Of course all of this ‘More Great Childcare’ is all about getting more women back into work – and to be fair to the government they say this ‘More great childcare is vital to ensuring we can compete in the global race’

So not to support families, not to give children a good early years experience – as many of the previous generation did through the playgroups – whether their mothers worked or not. Nothing to do with personal choices about wanting to work or wanting to study or wanted to volunteer, or needing childcare for respite while coping with own health difficulties- or any of the other reasons that parents might require childcare – all to do with the governments agenda.

And I will end part two there – I am only half way down page 6 – and am now rather cross. The needs of the children, even the needs of the parents don’t come into it – this is all about the government – and the global race.

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  1. I totally agree Penny, this is all about the government trying to get mums back into work, into non existent. jobs, and not about the welfare or care of the children at all

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