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Regular readers of this blog will know that Penny is  a great believer in the value of free play and in particular play based on heuristic play, loose parts and in general using recycled and everyday objects.

So it will be no surprise that last Thursday, Penny and two minded children paid a visit to their local scrap store Worcester Resource Exchange.

A  good ‘mooch’ was had and Penny filled a trolley, while the two children each filled their own bags with self selected ‘treasures’ . I noted that almost everything in Chinzia bag was a circle based item, and that Archie choose many items the same as Chinzia but also lots of bright coloured things.

Today (Tuesday 19th February) we started to use some of the items that we had brought back to Penny’s Place.

The first item was new to us – we had not seen this particular thing before and so selected several different ones in different colours and textures


If you don’t recognise this resource – it is the material used in vertical binds!

Penny being Penny immediately thought of weaving – large scale with the netting also brought on the same day. However Penny then remembered that actually the outdoor area is not in use at the moment due to a major reorganisation of the garden (going to create a new children’s garden but more about that another day).

So Penny had another think (maybe that was Penny’s Planning?)

and Penny prepared some weaving boards for the children and they did some over and under weaving, reinforcing the language used in their previous work on ‘The Bear Hunt’, practising their listening skills and demonstrating their understanding  ……………oh heck enough EYFS talk – the children had fun, worked independently and were very proud of their weaving – you can see the end results below  (which being an ‘end product’  is in itself are a rare thing at Penny’s Place)




The other thing that all the children -but Chinzia in particular – have explored to day are all the circle things we brought back – take a look at the photos



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