Well there is a surprise – Ms.Truss has been cherry picking   5 comments

Of course it is quite well known by now that I am not a fan of Ms.Truss and her ideas, and as many of you know I have been on a personal campaign for a year now trying to highlight to Truss and others in the government just how unrealistic and ill thought out the ideas are – first from Truss’s paper ‘Affordable Quality’ and more recently the proposals in More Great Childcare’.

I have always thought that the ideas put forward by Truss were based on selected bits of selected research – and that she was more interested in her own career development than the development of the children of this country.

Indeed the more research reports that I personally read – the more my personal opinion was reinforced.

However I did not really have any actual evidence  to be able to say that Truss was ‘cherry picking’ the bits of information that she wanted to support her ideas – I had to consider that maybe she had read more research documents than I had – and certainly I had to admit she had visited more countries than I have and has had more opportunities to speak to those who live and work in those countries whose childcare systems she admires.

That is until this this week

Two separate bits of information became available – that have reinforced the ‘cherry picking image and discredited some of the things that Truss has been claiming as fact.

The first was the very enlightening blog from June O’Sulivan – I have never met June in person but I have read a lot of her blogs and I have communicated via social media – and in my opinion June not only ‘knows her stuff’ but says things as there are- in very eloquent words but nevertheless factual and truthful.

June and colleagues self funded a trip to France to visit nurseries to see for themselves this childcare system held in such high esteem by Ms. Truss.

Click on the link to read for yourself what June has to say

June O’Sulivan’s blog about her trip to visit French nurseries

The second bit of information came via social media contacts – and a childminder in Australia.

The actual information from Lorraine the Australian childminder are on the One Voice site

link to One Voice

Lorraine has rasied some very good points – because although Ms. Truss has not based her idea on Australian childcare systems – Australia does have agencies for childminders and a very similar system to the one that is suggested will work well in this country.

Lorraine’s personal experience is that the system has difficulties – there are huge difference between standards and services offered by agencies – she is personally now in her 4th agency which she describes as good  – with the 3 previous ones – well – not good. She says that some are very restrictive and have lots of rules that are upheld without compromise or consideration for childminder, parent or child needs.

Even the ‘good’ agency that Lorraine is now part of does not in her opinion spend any money on advertising and she has to promote her own business – and is lucky that she is allowed to do this.

For me what Lorraine’s information has highlighted, is that a ‘free market’ – or in government spiel the ‘different business models’  is that quality will vary, services will vary, choices will be limited and where choice is available there will be confusion – for childminders and parents.

So it seems that Ms. Truss has taken on the good points about agencies – and the main one from her perspective seems to be agencies save government money  – and has chosen not to consider the potentially negative points.

However it is now clear that Truss is also cherry picking whose views she listens to – she is completely refusing to engage in debate with those who have concerns about her ideas – she is very skilled at quoting from her own documents and also at ‘talking over’ people who are try to make a valid point during interviews.

She is attending meetings with those who like her ideas – there is one such meeting on the 25th February, She is not responding to requests to meet with groups of people who oppose her ideas.

To date she has not responded to any of the petitions set up to urge the government not to change ratios in early years settings – around 60,000 across the 3 main petitions.

She has blocked some people who are challenging her ideas from her Twitter account – including myself.

And I understand that she is pushing ahead with her ideas for childminding agencies at great speed – we know she plans to have pilot agencies up and running by September THIS YEAR – what many don’t know is how far she is already in the process of this.

I believe that she is going to be attending a meeting in EARLY MARCH with interested parties to ‘LAUNCH’ the whole agency idea – that will be BEFORE the Children’s and Family Bill has finished its journey through the House of Commons and BEFORE the results of the consultation are known.

It has to be asked will Truss listen and respond to the concerns expressed in the consultation process? ( that we know are being expressed because many are sending in copies of their responses), Will any  delay in the Children’s and Families Bill cause her to delay her plans.

OR will she continue to only take note of the things that she wants to – will she continue to cherry pick the’best looking cherries that may actually be sour and therefore not the best cherries and ignore all the other cherries on the tree that may have slight blemishes but taste great.

There is a lot that can be learned from cherry picking and indeed from buying cherries from others.

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5 responses to “Well there is a surprise – Ms.Truss has been cherry picking

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  1. Ms Truss et al’s behaviour and distinct lack of even basic understanding or WANTING to understand, meet with those who have concerns etc -is I think extremely worrying and frankly at best disrespectful.

    Everything points to ‘back door’ mentality and slipping it all in unnoticed.
    Does Truss and cronies really think we don’t notice?

    How safe are you in the work that you do? If you weren’t concerned before you should be by now!

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  4. Is there nobody listening that can stop this woman?????

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