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I suppose the fact that if you do a search for  my name on the internet it comes up quite easily that I should not be surprised that I am getting emails from all over the country – and even from other parts of the world!


However I am surprised – and to use a term that I personally hate – ‘I am just a childminder’ by that mean I am just an everyday person – not rich, not famous, nothing special just as I say an everyday person who happens to be a childminder and who happens to be passionate about the children in my care – but more than that passionate about all children


So it was a lovely surprise today to receive an email from Annie with a link to (which is an American company) with a link to an article on their site about ‘How to help your child be empathetic’ as she thought the readers of my blog might be interested.

I have had a look – and I think you might be – as some interesting points are discussed


So without further ado here is the link

Link to article on Empathy


I am very much in favour of thee international links and hope that this will be the first of many such links

I am going to put the link to Go.Nannies in the link section – so it is easy to find in future


Posted February 25, 2013 by psw260259 in Random Things!

One response to “Article from Go.Nannies on empathy

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  1. Penny you may not be rich or famous and (to use that awful phrase) just a childminder but you are also an inspiration to childminders like myself and you are encouraging us all to stand up and give children a voice if that makes sense x

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