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It is becoming increasingly apparent that many people in this country are completely unaware of the the governments document More Great Childcare.

Even people who you think would know – such as childcare providers, trainers of the childcare sector, those professionals that work closely with children and families in other professions such as health professionals. Of course some are very aware – but it seems a lot are not.

Many of those who have heard about More Great Childcare – have not actually read it

Of those that have read it, many believe the governments carefully selected wording and ‘cherry picked’ bit of information – and unfounded bold statements about raising quality or making childcare cheaper.

Then there are those who believe the often repeated claim that there will be choice about if implement changes or not – such as increasing ratios or joining childminding agencies.

However – the government has yet to release the ‘fine detail’ of the plans, to release the research on which More Great Childcare is supposed to be based on, to enter into debate with those who have numerous research based facts to counter the governments claim, or to even answer the genuine  questions from the people who are concerned and who have taken the time to write to their MP’s, Elizabeth Truss – who is the minster with responsibility for early years , and even the Prime Minster.

Those who do know about More Great Childcare are all expressing their concerns – based on their own personal knowledge and understanding of the impact these proposals will have on the youngest members of society – the children – the children who are under five and unable to speak up for themselves.

All of the above are the very good reasons why I set up the One Voice site – unlike this blog – the Penny’s Place Childminding blog – which is unashamedly all about me and my thoughts and my childminding setting – the One Voice site is intended to provide information about all things related to More Great Childcare – so petitions, research documents and consultations as well as many articles as possible from a wide range of  media.

However views to the site are surprisingly low with around 7,000 pages viewed since the site was launched – asking around it seems people are not aware the site even exists – which is a shame as there is a lot of information on it.

Even making changes to the layout to make it easier to navigate has not made a lot of difference.

And so some self reflection was needed – and the conclusion – there was too much information for a layman

Therefore this information document has been produced as an introduction to More Great Childcare and to provide links to the most important related things – the consultations and the petitions.


One Voice information document



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