For all the Mummy’s of the children at Penny’s Place   Leave a comment

I hope all the Mummy’s – Catherine, Jolanta, Simona, Katy, Lorna and Simona  had a lovely Mother’s Day and enjoyed the cakes the children made for you.

You will of course maybe not ate the cakes as I know the children were keen to ‘help’ with that aspect. I also understand that some of the children have claimed the Teddies as their own and some have even been reluctant to allow their Mummy to display the card.

Don’t worry about this – it is all very normal and I had a conversation about this with my daughter Claire who as you know has twins of a similar age to your children.

Anyway getting round to the point of this blog – I thought you (and the readers of this blog might like to see some photo’s of the children making your gifts, and some of the finished items as they were all keen to take part and make things for Mummy.

Assorted including Mothers Day 025

Colouring the wrapping paper and wrapping the present

Assorted including Mothers Day 030








Some wrapped presents














Making the cakes

Assorted including Mothers Day 012












Decorating the cakes

Assorted including Mothers Day 028

Assorted including Mothers Day 035












The cards















And for each Mummy there is a photo of your child / children  holding all the things made – but because I want you to see their faces as well – I have printed them rather than put on here without faces as it spoils the impact.

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