A year into my campaign – Will the government listen now?   3 comments

It is over a year since I first started to question the ideas of Elizabeth Truss – who at that time was a MP and not a minister

Since she became minister I have been campaigning harder – almost non stop against the proposals in More Great Childcare

But so far I (and those who support my campaign) have had very little impact

Last night I read and shared Cathy Nutbrown’s response to the governments plans in More Great Childcare. If you have not read it yet – you can read it here – along with a short message from Cathy sent to me last night. Cathy Nutbrown’s report and personal message

We have to hope that because Nutbrown’s review is mentioned heavily in More Great Childcare as the reason why some of the ideas in More Great Childcare are to be implemented, that this report ‘Shaking the Foundations of Quality’, will make the government stop, think and listen


However Cathy Nutbrown is joining a long list of experts who have spoken out about the proposals in More Great Childcare.

Last week experts from Early Education spoke out as reported in Nursery World Early Education response to More Great Childcare as in NW


And many leading  experts from the early years sector have commented on the petition that I started as mentioned here in a Nursery World article Leading experts sign petition

All the major early years membership organisations have expressed their concerns – some more loudly than others – but all are concerned.

And around 75,000 people have signed the various petitions – including (currently) 26,761 who have signed the petition that I started – practitioners, parents, grandparents, health professionals, teaching professionals and people from all walks of life.

So with all these people, all saying the same thing, all expressing concerns – you would think the government would be starting to listen

Let’s hope so – but if they don’t we will just have to keep trying – and to do that, we will need the support of many more leading experts, early years practitioners, the media, parents, other professionals – in fact everyone

PLEASE SIGN POST PEOPLE TO ONE VOICE – where there is a huge amount of information – research, articles and blogs – as well as links to petitions and consultations Link to One Voice website

As Cathy Nutbrown said herself in her email to me ‘I hope the many voices will be heard and taken notice of.  Lots of people are, like you, doing their best to make a difference, and that’s important’.

She is right of course – it is important – very important. Please do whatever you can to add your support to the campaign – I, and many others are ‘doing our best’ – ARE YOU?

3 responses to “A year into my campaign – Will the government listen now?

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  2. Dear Penny

    Please contact me and I can send you a copy of my Doctoral research brief. I conducted research with childminders in rural local authorities.

    Kind regards
    Lesley Evans

    • Thank you for getting in touch Lesley – and for taking the time to find my contact details (have been out with one of the grandsons for his birthday treat) I have now read your very interesting research and have contacted you to see if you are happy for it to be added to the the One Voice site.

      Thank you again

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