Easter Weekend 2013 – Some time off for Penny – Really?   1 comment

It will be no surprise to those that know Penny personally or who read this blog, or who have been following the campaign against the proposals in ‘More Great Childcare’ – that Penny has hardly had a minute to breathe  or to herself for months. Even a promised break spent at the Education Show and staying in hotel with her friends Carol, Sally and Mick was spent discussing More Great Childcare and other childminding related stuff.

So for the long Easter weekend Penny PROMISED herself some time off

And to be honest – for Penny – she has done pretty well

Friday was spent tidying up and helping Mr.Penny’s Place build the new garden tools shed and move the outdoor toy storage shed

Saturday was spent preparing for and hosting a birthday party for grandson Dominic’s 9th birthday – which meant all Dominic’s aunts, uncles and cousins attending the party. Penny loved having four daughters, and enjoys all the family occasions – but boy when all together there does seem to be a lot of them (All four daughters now married, and 3 of them have children – 8 between. Guess once the ‘baby’ of the family starts a family there will be even more!)

Sunday morning was spent entertaining  Ben and Josh (Penny’s 3 year old twin grandsons) then when they went home – more tidying up, some ironing – and not much else.

Penny was feeling very pleased with herself because if don’t count the time helping with the garden makeover (which is to provided an enhanced outdoor environment for the minded children) she has managed to avoid campaign and childminding related ‘stuff’ (Oh OK so did comment on a couple things on Facebook and Linkedin, and add some stuff to One Voice)

So this morning (Bank holiday Monday) Penny was found to be ‘bragging’ on Facebook about not doing much and taking a break from childminding related stuff.

Off to town went Mr.Penny’s Place and Penny – to buy some concrete and fence paint, and a new abacus as the old one had broke.

First stop Wilkinsons for kitchen roll and the abacus – however they did not have the abacus in stock, so Penny had a look around and brought

These seed trays – minded children love putting things in them – sorting and classifying and the old one had broke – 6 trays, 2 different sized compartments

Assorted March photos 008

Assorted March photos 009










These eggs cups for the home area – thought they would go well with the plastic eggs

Assorted March photos 007











Realised that not brought kitchen roll – so popped into Aldi as car parked next to Aldi

In Aldi Penny brought 4 baby blankets to use with the dolls

Assorted March photos 005











A sieve for the sand (to go with the new sand pit)

Assorted March photos 001









A colouring book – as all the children are ‘into’ colouring at the moment

Assorted March photos 010

Assorted March photos 011









A dot to dot book with large dots and not too many numbers to support the children’s numeracy skills and pencil control

Assorted March photos 002

Assorted March photos 003












A set of lovely brushes to add to the collection – just look at those brilliant round headed brushes

Assorted March photos 006

and did buy the kitchen roll – and a few other food items.

Then onto B&Q to buy the cement and fence paint – and while there Penny HAD to buy some tape measures

Assorted March photos 004

And now Penny is writing this short blog – before starting the task of writing the weekly parent’s newsletter.

The odds are that having started on childminding related tasks that ‘time off’ is over for Penny.

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  1. I think this is my favourite post of yours!

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