Wednesday 3rd April – So good to be back ……   2 comments

……… back where you might ask


Well  – at Arley  Arboretum where spring is a lot more evident than in the garden at Penny’s Place

Assorted March photos 011

The arboretum actually opened a couple of weeks ago but with Penny being ill and the very cold weather we have not managed a visit until today.

It was a bit of a gamble – risk assessment wise as Penny’s friend Carol is on holiday this week – which Penny and the 5 children going to the arboretum without Carol.

However the children are all older and more capable now so Penny did her risk assessment and only came up with one thing that needed to be actioned prior to the outing – that of her own needs and what would happen if she had a hypo while at the arboretum (possible due to the extra energy used during a visit that would include walking, lifting children to see things and having fun chasing each other – not to mention lifting in and out of the car (not usually a problem as usually take a picnic and of course would have Carol available to support.

So orange juice and biscuits packed in the outings bag – and glucose tablets and the tester packed all into the brand new bright orange  medpac brought at the education show. All details filled in on the card held on front of medpac and the bright orange band slipped on to Penny’s wrist – and the risk reduced as much as possible.


When we arrived the first thing to do was to buy the season tickets – last year Penny only need one for herself as all but one child was under 3 and Penny just paid for that child on the days that she actually went to the arboretum. However this year all the children needed season tickets – so a bit of an expense for Penny as had to buy I adult and 6 child season tickets – coming to a total of £69 – however Penny thinks a real bargain as the season is from March to November and Penny plans to visit most weeks. As a bonus Penny checked with the lady issuing the season tickets that the children’s parent can use their child’s ticket at weekends – and they can – so another USP for Penny’s Place.

Penny and the children had a great time, the sun was in the sky – although was still chilly especially when the wind was blowing straight at us all. The children ran about, found things, rolled down the hill, and generally took full advantage of the space and safe environment – we even saw the Seven Valley Steam train go puffing past on its way to Arley station.

We only stayed about an hour due to the cold – but we will be back again soon – very soon – but for now a couple of photo’s

Assorted March photos 006

Assorted March photos 012








Assorted March photos 024

Assorted March photos 027



Assorted March photos 030








So glad we went today – and because I am not curriculum focused , I almost forgot to say the children continued the interest in letters and sounds through pointing out things on the information signs and their interest in numbers by spotting the identification numbers by the trees.

2 responses to “Wednesday 3rd April – So good to be back ……

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  1. looks lovely Penny, so wish we had something like this near by. We drove for 45 mins in the car to Hatfield house. There is a childrens farm and play area which is lovely on a nice day! We paid £19 entry fee for all of us and stayed less than an hour……..nearly died of hypothermia. Children were so cold they were crying, so home we came. O well it will soon be summer ……I hope!

  2. Looks and sounds a great day out

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    Helen Strudwick

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