Truss’s views on Thatcher and why I am now even more concerned   2 comments

I should start by saying ‘I don’t do politics’ and if honest think most  MP’s are  not qualified to undertake their areas of responsibility and that sometimes behaviour in the House of Commons is disgraceful.

However I have found myself dragged into the political arena because of  my passion for children, childminding and all things early years due to the proposals within More Great Childcare and in particular the view of Elizabeth Truss.

Even before the death of Margaret Thatcher and the publication of this article in The Telegraph by Elizabeth Truss I had made an observation that Truss displays many of the same characteristics as Thatcher did when she was the Prime Minister.

I suppose the reason for my comparison is because the other politician to have an impact on me was Mrs. Thatcher. You see when she became Prime Minister, I was leaving school, getting engaged and working hard to save up with my husband to be, for the deposit for our first house. Thatchers policies had a direct impact on us and our plans – we had to face the mortgage crisis when you had to apply for the few mortgages that were available and have the  10% deposit in the bank before a mortgage would be agreed. Then once we had moved into our brand new house we had to cope with some of the highest interest rates this country has ever seen, we had to cope with redundancy and  constant worry about every bill.

We did manage to survive but that is how it seemed survival – and so Thatcher and her policies (many of which I did not agree with) do remain a strong memory for me.

Which is why – having read the article in the Telegraph – I think Truss is ‘a chip off the Thatcher Conservative block’ , why I think that Truss may have her eye on becoming the second  female Prime Minister.

I read with interest Truss’s views about the positive impact of the Thatcher tax reforms and in particular women’s right to individual taxation – because my personall recall is some what different – I started work in 1975 and I had my own tax code and paid my own tax – the only thing that did happen was my husband had all the tax benefits for us as a married couple and for our interest relief on the mortgage – hardly making any difference to me at all. Being curious I goggle it – and I found that the people who benefited most from these changes about such things were – yes the middle and higher income earners – so not really surprising that my recall is rather different from that of Truss.

However I have to ask why she didn’t check out the facts before suggesting that the Thatcher tax reforms were of huge benefit to all women. But thinking about it I should not be surprised as in my experience Truss is very good at using bits of information – taken out of context.

Truss is like Thatcher in many ways – and the bit I like least is the stubborn attitude, the conviction that she is right, the refusal to listen to the voice of reason or the many voices of concern about her proposals- the determination to succeed at whatever cost, the ability to smile and continue saying the same thing over and over again despite huge public protest.

I can’t help thinking that now information is being released / made public about the reality of the Thatcher years and the impact it has had and continues to have  – proves that those who expressed concerns were not just being difficult or trying to ‘feather their own nest’ but were genuinely concerned based on their own knowledge and research of the day – and that we may see history repeat itself and in years to come, the full impact of the proposals within More Great Childcare that Truss is determined to implement, will become known – and that people will say ‘Why did no one do anything to stop this?’

Well of course I – and many others are all speaking up and saying ‘STOP – before it is too late’  – because although Thatcher’s policies did impact on children and families, there were not as damaging to the long term well being of children, families and indeed society, as Truss’s ideas will be.

And it has not escaped my notice from media coverage that Thatcher did have many supporters both within political circles and the general public who agreed with her and spoke up at the time and now after her death in support of her  ideas – where as – with Truss there is only a VERY small number of people who are publicly supporting Truss’s ideas but TENS OF THOUSANDS who are publicly opposing them.

Finally – maybe Truss and the rest of this government should consider some reforms to THEIR job – Maybe they need a qualification framework to ensure their suitability for their jobs?  Maybe they should have to apply for their jobs and be subject to a review on issues of performance and outcomes?

After all Truss says the early years sector needs to change and adapt, needs to meet the needs of  those who pay for the services provided, need to update and improve their qualifications, need to provide value for money and to be accountable for what they do.

I say –  AND SO DO THE GOVERNMENT  – lets start now – by listening to those who pay through their taxes for government services.



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2 responses to “Truss’s views on Thatcher and why I am now even more concerned

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  1. This bit says it all, ‘when a case is made, public opinion can and will shift’, or, if we keep saying the same thing and telling people we are listening without changing our minds then we’ll get our way anyway! I think you might have flattered Ms Truss’ ego with these comparisons though. As for MPs reform, haven’t they just decided that they should get a pay rise?!

    • Thank you for adding that statement Neil – I meant to but forgot (problem of writing stuff in stages as and when can!)

      As to flattering her ego – I guess she will see it that way – but I know many others will see it as a warning sign and negative

      As to the pay rise – they will say they work very hard for their money – and the system of government works.
      I would counter with I work very hard for my money – and the current system of regulation works.

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