Thursday 18th April – The dressing up unit is now in use!   1 comment

Some readers will be aware that Dean Harrison (one of Penny’s  son in laws) has made Penny  a dressing up unit.

Some will have followed the progress of the building of the unit on Facebook – Dean’s very first attempt at a dressing up unit.

Dean made the unit from Penny  first asking to it being delivered in just 4 days! Amazing as Dean had no plans – just a picture of  a similar unit and a ‘can’t afford to pay that much!’

In fact it has taken Penny as many days to find the child size coats hangers that she knew were in the house – just not where! Turns out they were in a suitcase in the loft!

And so today – with the coat hangers finally found – the dressing up unit was moved into place in the playroom and the children provided with the opportunity to access the dressing up item easily and independently.

Assorted March photos 086

Assorted March photos 090

The unit is very well made and although heavy to move without castors it is possible, Penny even managed to move the unit (fully loaded) from the kitchen, through the house and down the step into the playroom – all by herself.

The thing that could be improved would be for the hanging rail to be a little higher for the age children that Penny has at the moment – however for younger children it would be just right. So a challenge for Dean – How about a movable rail Dean? that could be at the height of this  rail but could be moved up as the children grew? Or a two height rail – half  of it full length for dresses etc and a half height rail for shorter items / smaller sized item for the little ones?

Penny found the shelves ideal for things in baskets and as can be seen larger accessories such as the doctor bags just placed on the shelf. The large container under the  rail is ideal for hats, shoes, and open ended items such as pieces of materials.

But the best thing is as Dean makes to order you can have the unit whatever size you need to fit the space available – so bigger or smaller, you can have with more shelves or less shelves – including if you have the space bigger shelves. It can be painted whatever colour you want , or if you have used a shade made for you it can be provided  unpainted, for you to do yourself.

The price for the unit Penny had is £80 but of course each order (unless the same as Penny’s will be individually priced.

Dean is happy to deliver to very local addresses, or for people to collect or for people to arrange for and pay for a courier.

Oh and I have been told that Dean is working on a flat pack version!

Assorted March photos 088

Now Dean – about that bookcase – oh and the shelves in the garage – oh and …………..

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  1. Really very simple and cute dressing closets for kids. i love this post.

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