April 2013 – Introducing the new garden features   10 comments

Last year Penny decided the garden needed a ‘make over’ and brought a small wooden climbing frame and a wooden sandpit ready for this much needed improvement.

Then as we all know it rained and rain and rained some more – and NOTHING changed in the garden.

So at the start of 2013 Penny and Mr.Penny’s Place decided that 2013 was going to be the year that the garden was transformed – whatever the weather did!

Mr.Penny’s Place then set about taking down the old fence round the patio area, building a base for his new large shed (the shed men actually put up the shed) moved Penny’s toy storage shed, built a new garden tools storage shed rebuilt the fence round the shed area, moved the guinea piggies cage, relay the wobbly slabs on the patio area, built a new bark area for climbing frame, built the climbing frame, built the sand pit, lay some turf on the bare earth patches, fitted the blackboard to the wall – and most of it in the freezing cold weather of the first months of this year.

Of course Penny has helped where needed and funded a lot of it due to the FE funding that was paid in full in advance but……..

…………….Mr.Penny’s Place has worked really hard – so the children and Penny would like to publicly thank Mr.Penny’s Place

So here are a few pictures (only a few because most of the pictures have happy smiling faces in them, so can’t be used ) to show the readers of this blog how much the children are enjoying the garden


PS – For those asking where I got the blackboard from link to ebay for blackboard  the biggest size


Assorted March photos 171Assorted March photos 234Assorted March photos 229

Assorted March photos 227

Assorted March photos 197

Assorted March photos 218Assorted March photos 213

10 responses to “April 2013 – Introducing the new garden features

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  1. It is lovely Penny and well done Mr Penny’s Place you have done a fab job. I have had a raised bed built this winter and have now got most of the required ingredients to make a water wall and am hoping my son will help me when his exams are finished I also need a new blackboard mine was so warn out it went in the winter.. Where did you get your climbing frame and blackboard Penny?

  2. Hi Penny What a great garden you’ve made for the children, can I ask where you got your blackboard from please. Kind regards Jane

  3. Hi Penny don’t mean to hijack your blog but I made my own blackboards.Sheet of hardboard cut into three pieces I used primer on two then a cheap roller from pound shop and blackboard paint about three or four coats dries really quick, then a very handy brother who attached to the garden wall one is horizontal one is vertical.Cost about £20 and have lasted two winters! The third piece for my mosaic project which is on my to do list.

  4. I am just envious of you having Mr Penny’s Place as Mr Building Blocks is not too handy so I have to pay for a man who does these sort of things

  5. Hi penny I love your new garden makeover needs some advice! I’m at the end of my tether I want to give my garden a makeover but have no idea where to start how did u decide which area to start from

    • I always have ideas in my head – and browse catalogues / look at friends gardens and so on for inspiration. However cost and time are usually to two main issues – plus getting Mr. Penny’s Place on board – both with the ideas and willing to do most of the work.

      So I would suggest you start with looking for inspiration from others – then decide if you can do the whole garden at once or just a small area

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