Wednesday 1st May – A good idea Penny!   1 comment

The previous blog described all the hard work that Mr.Penny’s Place has put into creating a lovely garden for the children – and how much the children are enjoying it.


However – Penny being Penny, still has a few ‘little jobs’ that she would like Mr.Penny’s Place to do – such as making a weaving board for the garden. Penny has the cargo netting – brought last year from the Worcester Resource exchange – in fact Penny has rather a lot of cargo netting and in two colours (all part of the trolley load that get for £14 ish and brought on the ‘that will be useful / best get while here theory)

Assorted March photos 236


Mr.Penny’s Place has a plan about how he will  create this weaving frame – and of course he will – once has worked his way through the list of things that Penny has asked him to do.


And so on Wednesday Penny – who was sorting out the shed – had found even more netting – this time in black and with small holes. So Penny started thinking – and by lunch time had dug out a old indoor clothes drying rack  from the back of the kitchen cupboard.

With the help of some string made this temporary weaving frame

Assorted March photos 237

Of course inferior to one that Mr.Penny’s Place has in mind – but it was free to make, as it recycled other things, and the children love it. As you can see it is two sided so ideal for several children to use at once

Assorted March photos 239

Assorted March photos 243


Lovely creative activity – no planning, no set aims – just use as you wish,  an end product in that something that could be saved – but how much more fun to unravel the weaving and start again – which is what the children did.

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  1. We already have some stiff plastic netting cleated to our fence Penny, but I really love your portable two sided idea!

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