Tuesday 28th / Wednesday 29th May – Linking rainy days to Hungry Caterpillar Theme   1 comment

After the lovely sunny Bank Holiday weekend, the children and Penny found themselves faced with a wet Tuesday, so Penny decided to offer the children the opportunity to use the new paint dabbers that she had brought at the car boot on Sunday

Assorted May photos 155

Of course a bargain at £2 for a set of 6 bottles of washable paint – ok there were 2 brown ones in each pack (Penny of course brought 2 packs) but that does not matter.

So the children had a go – the dabbers are very easy to use – take top off, hold container upside down, press sponge end onto the paper. Penny let the children ‘do their own thing’ which they really enjoyed

Assorted May photos 156

Assorted May photos 158











Then one child noticed that sometimes the dots of paint spread out a bit and looked like raindrops – so of course the children then experimented to see how to make raindrops on purpose. Turns out, you hold the container a little higher over the paper then do your dot – very effective.

The children then  did lots of pictures – and even Penny did one – and enjoyed it.


In the car later, Shona started singing ‘It’s raining, its pouring’ (it was) and all the children joined in. We thought of and sang lots of songs with rain in them. Then Alex noticed that the car was splashing in the puddles – so we thought of other words – coming up with ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’

I am coming to the link with our Hungry Caterpillar theme


Roll onto Wednesday morning and – yes raining again. Chinzia and Erin were already playing when Alex and Shona arrived. Discussion about the rain and needing coats and wellies/ boots.

Penny posed the question ‘I wonder how the Hungry Caterpillar keeps dry in the rain?’

The children all had ideas – some sensible possibilities, some a little ‘strange’ but nevertheless their ideas. Lorna (Alex and Shona’s Mummy) who was still doing the morning handover with Penny – helped support the children with further questions about their suggestions – and of course Penny did the same

‘Trees’ said Alex ‘they go up the trees’

‘Leaves’ said Chinzia ‘They hide in the leaves’

A bit of further discussion  – then it was time for Lorna to go to work and for Penny to finished breakfasts for those that wanted breakfast and so the discussion cam to an end.

But in Penny’s head the ‘thinking’ was still going on – Penny had a visual image of some printed leaves that were already cut out – and left over from another hungry caterpillar activity, and was designing a activity in her head as she got on with breakfasts.


Later on – Penny asked the children if they wanted to use the paint dabbers again – they did. So Penny suggested they might like to paint a small caterpillar, and hide it under a leaf to keep dry from the rain.

Assorted May photos 167


Assorted May photos 168







This is what they did


And because they had enjoyed making a caterpillar so much, they all then made more caterpillars – as you can see

Assorted May photos 169

Assorted May photos 170








Penny thinks the money spent on the paint dabbers was money well spent

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  1. So imaginative… Amazing what a child imagines when provided with a simple array of media. Lovely post Penny!

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