Friday 31st May – Shared thinking, team working and generally a lovely time in the garden.   Leave a comment

With the appearance of the sun this morning, Penny sent a text to Carol saying that we would be in the garden this morning if she wanted to join us. Carol replied that she only had one little one and would love to join us.

So by 9:50 Penny, Carol and 6 under fives were all in Penny’s garden enjoying the sun. The children were in the splashsuits as the grass was wet, the bark round the climbing frame was wet, and there was water on the patio where Penny had uncovered the sand pit.

As well as the continuous provision in the garden of climbing frame, sandpit and chalkboard, Penny had put out the weaving frame and a basket of things to weave with, a large basket of assorted sized reels, and the wooden planks.

The children were very excited to see the planks as they were new – and the immediately picked then up and carried them over their head – brilliant for muscle building and balance – but not so good for any friends who happen to be in the way as the planks were twisted and turned!

So a ‘lesson’ in how to carry the planks sensibility and the need to think about what you are doing with the plank. So the children did – and put the planks on the grass and walked along them. Before long the had worked out how to balance the planks across the reals.

Assorted May photos 182


Assorted May photos 184











Then they wrap the treading things round the planks – Chinzia asked Erin for help – Erin didn’t help her but Archie did  – working together to wrap threading things round the plank.

Assorted May photos 188











They wrapped threading things round the trees

Assorted May photos 189


They made a ramp between the gravel area and the bark area surround- and tried various different number of planks, angles of the ramp – some safe – some not. They thought about what to do if their ramp wobbled, – move some planks, What to do if the pile of ramps a bit high – Chinzia stood at the end and held each persons hand as the jumped off the end.


Assorted May photos 190

They worked together as a team, sharing their thoughts and ideas – but at other times they worked alone, they solved their problems – and created different ones. They disagreed at times, supported each other emotionally at other times. They accidentally hurt each other and themselves as they developed their risk assessment skills.


All in all a brilliant morning in the garden

Oh and Carol’s little one? Carol was very pleased to observe that her mindee played in the sandpit when she does not usually like wet sand, and that she did some chalking and some weaving



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