Wednesday 4th June – The ordinary day then ended far from ordinary   Leave a comment

I have written about the end to this ordinary day already in another blog, but now I want to backtrack and write about the children attending Penny’s Place did – prior to the phone call.

Normal start to the day with free play and breakfast – then my eldest daughter Michelle (called Aunty Shell by the children I look after) cam round for a play date with her own daughter and one minded child (Michelle is also a registered childminder).

More free play, including using their mark marking books. Penny was pleased to notice that all the children selected their own books by ‘reading’ the names on the front cover – no pictures just their name.

Once Aunty Shell had gone home Penny and all five children got in the car to go to the garden center – on our shopping list were pebbles – big pebbles and small pebbles.

After a bit of a look around – we found the small pebbles – actually they are sold as plant pot toppers and just £1.99 per bag – so we brought white ish ones and some multi coloured ones that were just like the ones in the small collection at Penny’s Place. Then off we set to find the big pebbles – we did finally find quite a good selection and chose a middle sized bag of ‘river stones’. Well the bag might have been middle sized but it certainly was not middle weight – it was very heavy – and the children observed and commented on the effort that Penny was having to put into carrying the pebbles.

On the way home, Penny decided that she had rather over done it – and needed to eat herself and feed the children as quickly as possible – so for the first time since returning to childminding in 2010 – Penny took the children to the chip shop and ordered sausage and chips for everyone. (Rest assured did meet parental wishes and dietary needs).

We ate the sausage and chips at Penny’s Place then the children went down for their nap /rest.

After rest time Penny asked the children if they would like to go outside to play – they did – and they want to play with the pebbles – so they did – the pictures tell the story

Assorted June photos 068

Assorted June photos 063

Assorted June photos 055

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