Tuesday 11th June – Look what the delivery man brought today!   2 comments

First an apology to all the husbands and partners of childminders – I know some of you get fed up with the ‘Look what Penny has brought / done now’ comments – and on this occasion Mr.Penny’s Place will be very sympathetic to your heart felt cries of ‘NO’ and ‘Don’t even think of it’ because when Mr.Penny’s Place popped home for lunch today and saw the things the delivery man had brought, and Penny had put  in the garden,  his comment was ‘Oh thanks very much, just what I want to look out of the window at’

So what was it that Mr.Penny’s Place was looking out of the kitchen window at?

Assorted June photos 078

The parcel before it was taken outside and unwrapped

Assorted June photos

As it looked once unwrapped and played with

Penny of course is delighted with her new purchase – actually they are not new items, they are second hand and were brought from ebay – for about £20 but the bad news is the carriage was a very similar amount. And if you are wondering there are 9 crates making them about £4.22 each – which compares well to other sites.

The children also love the crates and had a lovely time playing with the crates – as Penny does not reference activities and experiences to anything – you the reader will have to assess for yourselves all the learning that occurred!

Assorted June photos 084        Assorted June photos 083                         Assorted June photos 092Assorted June photos 100       Assorted June photos 103

2 responses to “Tuesday 11th June – Look what the delivery man brought today!

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  1. I bet Mr Penny’s Place had a play with the crates and boards… when no-one was looking, of course!

    • He may have Neil, as currently he is at home / work while I am in Chester dog sitting. However in another blog (which can’t remember if finished writing yet) Mr.Penny’s place brought some different crates home from work – and also spent sometime in his shed before presenting the children with a ‘stand’ so they could create a see saw with one of the planks – if they wanted to.

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