Don’t tell anyone – but Penny found some more ‘sale’ things and could not resist   1 comment

As regular readers of this blog know, Penny has a bit of a ‘problem’ when it comes to buying quality resources for her setting – and even more of a ‘problem’ if those resources happen to be in a sale.

Mr.Penny’s Place despairs, Penny’s friends wonder just where Penny will put the latest purchase, partners of Penny’s colleagues would rather Penny kept the information to herself ……

…… but still Penny gave into temptation – again

This time Penny got an email from Sense Toys – and noticed there was a sale on – so Penny avoided looking at the full price things and went straight to the sale page

Sense Toys sales page

Yesterday the postman brough a smallish box containing the things that Penny had ordered. Do you want to take a look? (If not scroll down quickly!)

So first some traditional story ‘things’


The wooden figures were all part of one set, but the CD packs were separate items – and not all the matching packs were in the sale

Assorted June photos 162

Assorted June photos 164Assorted June photos 163



Assorted June photos 161



 Assorted June photos 166

Assorted June photos 165















Then there was a listening game

Assorted June photos 168


And a set of wooden puzzles

Assorted June photos 167


The children love the new resources and had to use them straight away – so we played the listening game – twice, Penny used the wooden props to tell the stories (without books), and we tried to do the 12 piece puzzles – two of the children managed with a little verbal prompting – and two gave up after fitting a few pieces together. Finally we listen to the story on the Three Little Pigs on the CD and joined in with the songs.


And if wondering how much Penny spent?

Look away Mr.Penny’s Place (only joking as not Mr.Penny’s Place money)


£179 – worth it?


Yes ,as these items will last for years – and most likely well past Penny’s retirement – so will be able to sell them on – at some point in the future

One response to “Don’t tell anyone – but Penny found some more ‘sale’ things and could not resist

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  1. Most definitely worth it!

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