Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!!   4 comments

Today is the anniversary of my first ever ‘proper’ blog 🙂

I did actually set up the blog on 11th July 2012 – but to be honest I did not have a clue about what I was doing – and so spent a lot of time between 11th and 20th July being very frustrated and getting nowhere fast!

I have learnt a thing or to since then – but there are still many ‘options’ and ‘tools’ on here that I still do not have a clue about – and won’t unless I have reason to use them! And I still don’t know how to get the page layout to look like I want it to – pure pot luck as to how it looks once published!

My typing has got a little quicker – but I still type with one finger and my thumb on my right hand and one finger (occasionally) on my left hand – basically if I want to press the button to do capitals!

My spelling / grammar has not improved that much – although there are some words that I can now spelling more or less correctly – well enough for the spell check to have a reasonable chance of guessing what I am trying to spell!!

My confidence in my ability to write something that people might be interested in reading has grown – although I am still surprised that people do want to read what I have written – and even more surprised that people are prepared to ‘skim over’ the typo’s, the spelling mistakes, the terrible grammar and that the fact that the words come tumbling out of my head at a faster rate than I can type – and refuse to make sense on paper (often even to me, if reading back later).

So before I do my thanks here are some stats for you all, about my first year of blogging

62,566 page views

Most busy day  – 840 page views


Ten  most popular blogs

If I joined a childminding agency                                                                                                 1,835 views

I have been waiting for this                                                                                                             1,243 views

My Planning and recording for EYFS 12                                                                                    1,156 views

Tuesday 5th February – A few minutes of your time Mr. Cameron                                 893 views

Bye, Bye variations, Hello exceptions                                                                                        831 views

Childminding Agencies – The changing picture                                                                      793 views

Chester to London to meet Lord Storey                                                                                      746 views

Well there is a surprise Ms. Truss has been cherry picking                                                 715 views

Phonics for two year olds – I think not                                                                                        711 views

Yet another headline, yet another drip, drip piece of information                                  624 views

I know that compared to many other blogs these stats are not impressive – but to me they are – I thought that maybe  – if I was lucky I would get a dozen or so views of  each  blog – and then only from close family and friends – so yest I am impressed and delighted.

My personal thanks have to go to;

Laura Henry for her encouragement to try blogging,

Neil Henty for encouragement and my first ‘paid for’ pieces of writing,

My mother who is my most avid reader – well it is the only way she knows what I am doing these days – but she is proud of my achievements in the world of blogging and the childcare field in general

My husband for his understanding that I am always saying ‘in a minute – I just want to finish this’ – and then in half an hour or so finding I have still not ‘finished’ – and for putting up with blogs that mention ‘Mr. Penny’s Place’ when in fact his name is Garry!

My readers – especially those that comment and what to I call my ‘band of followers’ – those than have signed up to be notified when I publish a new blog

And so on to the next year

Will I continue blogging? – Yes – I am hooked now

Will I blog as much? – I hope not because I hope my campaigning blogs will come to an end – hopefully because the government has seen sense. I do hope to resume blogging a lot more about childminding, my childminding practice and childcare in general.

Will I do any more ‘paid for’ articles? – well if asked – but actually being paid to write does not sit that comfortably with my ethos – as I prefer to share information freely and to support those that ask for support in whatever way I can – BUT I realise that by writing for magazines etc I can reach a much wider audience  and so as I say, if I am asked to write for a magazine, I will do so.

Would I speak at conferences? – yes if asked (although I hate public speaking and lack confidence but I will – and do – do public speaking ) – but most likely would do for free or just for travel expenses – same for speaking at local events/ group meetings / AGM’s  and so on – or providing training to colleagues.

My whole ethos is based on the child comes first – and as part of that, sharing information in whatever way I can – has to be for free or just to cover expenses – as I don’t feel it is right only to provide information to those that can afford it – or to make money myself from providing that information to others.(Even when I was paid by a local authority to support others – I did far more unpaid hours than I did paid hours) It is because of my ethos that I volunteer for the organisations that I am involved with.

Have to say not everyone – including family and friends agrees with me – but I am who I am and I have to be happy with what I do and how I do it.

Sorry – I got a bit carried away with the whole ‘ethos’ thing but it is why I blog, why I am who I am, and why I will always help and support others – if I am able to do so.

Thank you for reading this blog – and if you are a regular reader thanks for your support.


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4 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!!

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  1. Bless you, Penny and Happy Blog Birthday! I encouraged you and took the leap of faith. Well done, for sharing your passion and thoughts with the early years community! 🙂

  2. Thank goodness Laura did encourage you Penny. Happy Blog Birthday to an awesome blogger! People read what you write because you write from the heart, you know what you are talking about and you are passionate about children. Don’t stop!

  3. Congratulations. A real success after a standing start. Sharpen up your weapons and carry on the fight, you have won a few battles and you can win the war with help from your allies. Good luck to all of you

  4. Congratulations Penny!!!! You’re an advocate for all our children and those working with them… you speak from a grass roots level and speak for all. You are very much appreciated by us, your friends and fellow early years colleagues x

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